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14 MCU Villains Who Aren’t Really Dead

14 MCU villains who aren’t as dead as we think. Nobody really dies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Moreover, this fact is further supported by the whole multiverse concept that has now entered our lives. But every now and then, we have seen villains that are killed by the end of the movie. However, we always ask ourselves this question – Are they really dead? Well, they could be and could not be. Let’s talk about 14 MCU villains who aren’t really dead as we think. Check it out.

1. Red Skull

14 MCU Villains Who Aren't Really Dead
14 MCU Villains Who Aren’t Really Dead

Now that the Red Skull has not taken care of the Soul Stone, he could possibly go back to his old ways. When it comes to Marvel, they ace in finding just the right way. This would even set a great stage for Falcon and the Winter Soldier to go up against Cap’s greatest foe.

2. Hela

14 MCU Villains Who Aren't Really Dead
14 MCU Villains Who Aren’t Really Dead

In order to win against Hela, Thor and Loki allowed Surtur to destroy Asgard as Hela drew power from the place. However, she’s a freak of nature who engaged directly with Surtur. But before he could kill her, the slo-mo scene suggests that she disappeared.

3. Loki Meets Loki

As of today, people love Loki whether he’s a hero or a villain. His fans just want him in the movies be it whatever capacity. In season 2 of Loki, it is possible that the escaped Loki could meet the Infinity War  Loki who died.

4. The Grandmaster

As Thor, Banner, and Valkyrie escaped Sakaar, Grandmaster’s whereabout were not talked of. Of course, he was a side villain who ruled his planet and could very well be seen once again in the MCU. His demise was never shown.

5. Mysterio

14 MCU Villains Who Aren't Really Dead
14 MCU Villains Who Aren’t Really Dead

One of Marvel’s greatest villains is not easy to kill. It will be no surprise if Mysterio’s final and actual death too was an illusion.

6. Ultron

Another MCU villain that fans believe is still out there is Ultron. He is more of an AI and it is believed that he could revive through some backup that he prepared a long time ago. Moreover, he can transfer the AI and take on different forms.

7. He Who Remains

The only obvious addition to this list is He Who Remains. Well, first, he promised that he will come back. Second, he is shown as a variant of Kang the Conqueror who is said to be the real big bad of Marvel’s Phase 4.

8. Arnim Zola

Just like Ultron, who is an AI, Arnim’s brain and consciousness were transformed into a system. However, it is pretty much possible that the evil Zola is still out there on multiple computers.

9. Taskmaster

14 MCU Villains Who Aren't Really Dead
14 MCU Villains Who Aren’t Really Dead

By the end of Black Widow, Antonia was free from the red dust and was her own person. However, that doesn’t mean that she won’t still blame Natasha and Clint for her condition. She can very well return and cause some trouble.

10. Ego

First off, he is a living planet that you cannot simply kill with a bomb be it nuclear. However, in the comics, Ego grew back via photosynthesis. He wasn’t just a central nervous system, he was the entire planet. In the comics, he was defeated by Thor and Galactus. The latter sent him into deep space where the planet expired after being separated from the sun. But, its husk drifted into a new solar system where it grew back because of the sun.

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Written by Deepak Vasisht