15 Superheroes Spider-Man Could Team Up With In His Next Trilogy

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Everyone’s riding the hype surrounding Spider-Man: No Way Home. But what’s great is that Spider-Man’s journey will continue as Peter Parker gets a fresh start. Sony has already announced that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will get another trilogy, and Holland confirmed that it will feature Peter Parker’s life in college. So far, we’ve seen several familiar MCU characters show up in the 3 Spidey movies. The first one had cameos from Iron Man and Captain America. The sequel brought in Nick Fury and the Skrulls. In No Way Home, Spidey is teaming up with Doctor Strange and two other Spider-Men. It is kinda obvious that Sony and Marvel will continue this trend. So now, we are going to look at a list of superheroes Spider-Man could team up with in the next trilogy.


Miles Morales

It was widely believed that besides bringing in Tobey and Andrew’s Spider-Men, No Way Home would also introduce us to the Miles Morales of MCU. Well, that didn’t happen. But Morales could still be introduced and become Spider-Man in the future. Spider-Man 4 could be about these two Spider-Men with Holland’s Peter mentoring the new Web-Slinger!



Marvel just introduced us to MCU’s newest Avengers candidate with Shang-Chi. In the comics, he has actually trained Peter Parker. Since he is a Martial Arts expert in the MCU as well, maybe the comics could be brought to life after Spidey meets an insanely skilled opponent that he needs to beat. Or maybe, these two could just be friends as they’d hit it off really well. Their team-up would be a feast to watch!

Fantastic Four


Being in New York, Spider-Man could team up with the Fantastic Four on a regular basis if the Avengers tower becomes the Baxter Building. Since director Jon Watts is directing Fantastic Four, he could easily establish a connection between them and Spider-Man.

Human Torch

If the whole Fantastic Four squad cannot appear in a Spider-Man movie, then maybe just one of those could team up with Peter. Human Torch and Spidey are great friends and they even have comic issues titled with their names. So, maybe their friendship could become a thing in the upcoming Spider-Man trilogy.



Superheroes Spider-Man Could Team Up With

Watching Deadpool and Spider-Man together on the big screen would be a dream come true. It would be funny to see Deadpool annoying Spider-Man, or being annoyed himself while trying to control his swearing and murders in a PG-13 setting!


No Way Home brought Matt Murdock with a big Daredevil tease. So as soon as Murdock dons the Daredevil suit, he and Spider-Man should definitely take up missions across New York as a tag team. There’s so much comic book precedence available to follow for this dynamic duo in a Spider-Man movie! Maybe, Spidey could form a Team Red with both Daredevil and Deadpool. What say???



Mahershala Ali’s Blade could unite with Spider-Man and take him on a spooky adventure. It could happen if Morbius would somehow enter the MCU. Or perhaps Spidey could take Blade on a Morbius hunting quest into the SPUMC in Spider-Man 4, 5, or 6!

Young Avengers


Most members in the Young Avengers led by Kate Bishop are around the same age as Peter Parker. In fact, I just can’t wait to see Kate Bishop to team up with Spider-Man. So maybe one or two Young Avengers could unite with Spider-Man in his movie if all of them cannot fit in the project.

Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan will soon be making her debut on Disney+. Considering her age bracket, she would also be a nice addition to one of the future Spider-Man movies. They’ve even got multiple comic issues to their name. So, it would be nice to bring those on the big screen.


Captain Britain

Like Ms. Marvel, there are multiple comic stories involving Captain Britain and Spider-Man as well. People thought that Spidey and CB would team up in Far From Home. But Brian Braddock will be introduced in the MCU in a couple of years. So maybe he could come in through the next Spider-Man movie. Just a thought eh…

Captain America

Superheroes Spider-Man Could Team Up With

I’ve always thought that Peter Parker’s team up with Cap (Steve Rogers) would be awesome. But maybe, it could happen with a different Cap. Anthony Mackie and Tom Holland share a crazy off-screen banter. So, what if Marvel were to bring that banter onto the big screen? A rejected idea was to put Mackie’s Captain America in Far From Home. We even wondered where Spider-Man was when Sam Wilson showed up as Captain America for the first time in New York. But now, Mackie’s Cap could finally appear in one of the next 3 Spider-Man movies.



Spider-Man and Ant-Man are bug buddies. So, it’d be nice if these insects got to unite as well. A proper team red mission should definitely involve Ant-Man as well don’t you think?



We might see a Spidey-Venom clash and/or a union happen in Venom 3. But No Way Home left a symbiote set up for the MCU as well. So maybe the part of Venom left in the MCU could bond with Spider-Man and give us the real Black-Spidey that the last two Spider-Man movies have only been teasing with the black suits.



Olivia Wilde is supposed to bring Jessica Drew to the big screen in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. Drew is a character who could perfectly fit with Spider-Man. So maybe Spider-Man and Spider-Woman could also team up in another multiverse crossover event.


For the final entry, I’d like to suggest a union between Spider-Man and the Hulk. It could be Smart Hulk or even an angrier Hulk who could join Spider-Man on his next crusade after the events of She-Hulk. Either way, their team-up would be legendary!


After seeing multiple MCU and past Spider-Man franchise characters in the Homecoming trilogy, it will be interesting to see which other superheroes Spider-Man could team up with in his college trilogy. Which of the aforementioned characters would you like to see with Spider-Man next? Let us know in the comments.

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