16 TV Moments From This Week That Took Us All By Surprise

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1.Grey’s Anatomy Returned with its 17th Season. We will see how the doctors of Grey Sloan deal with the situation with a global pandemic raging on.


2. The Episode of Grey’s Anatomy ended on a mother of all cliff-hangars. Meredith collapses and in her coma, she sees a dream where she meets Derek. We all never thought we would ever see Patrick Dempsey’s Derek again. Is this going to be a regular thing? We wouldn’t mind if Dempsey keeps appearing as Derek in further episodes as part of Meredith’s Hallucination.


3. In The Mandalorian Season 2, we see Din Djarin and baby Yoda escort a Frog Lady to a planet. hey are forced to take a detour when chased after by New Republic X-Wings. In the icy planet they crash land, they are forced to fight ice spiders. Also Baby Yoda keeps eating Frog Lady’s eggs. What is it about Baby Yoda’s species that we are missing?!?!

4. This Is Us saw Madison and Kevin open up about some deep and troubling issues. Madison reveals she has an eating disorder. Kevin states that he is struggling to maintain his image as a ripped actor as time passes by. Both are victims of time and both have to find a way to deal with it as soon as possible.

5. This Is Us also ended on a shocking revelation like Grey’s Anatomy. The Vietnamese Grandfather somehow knows Laurel, Randall’s Mom. This is all getting very confusing now. This Is Us needs to give us some answers.


6. Supernatural’s penultimate episode showed us how Sam and Dean Winchester turn the tables on Chuck. Jack absorbs his powers and Chuck is no longer God. He is human like the rest of us. He believes his life is coming to an end. But to his disbelief, Sam and Dean do not kill him. They let him live, and die of old age like a normal human being. “And no one remembers you.” That is the grim reality Chick faces now.

7. The episode ended on a real emotional wreck of a moment. Sam and Dean reminisce their times as hunters and Men of Letters. They realize without Chuck writing their stories, the sibling duo is now finally free. They toast to everyone who died while fighting alongside them. The episode ended with a montage of scenes from previous seasons. They are finally going about their merry ways. Supernatural is coming to its end and we cannot stop crying.


8. The Undoing revealed some truly troubling footage. Grace was shown a video tape by Detective Mendoza the night she was walking by Elena’s Studio when she was murdered. Everything looks suspicious now.

CHICAGO FIRE — “Rattle Second City” Episode 901 — Pictured: Adriyan Rae as Gianna Mackey — (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC)

9. Season 9 of Chicago Fire ended on a cliff-hangar. Brett and her new partner Gianna were being stalked by an unknown stranger. They were run off the road. The man who was pointing a gun at Brett was chased away by Cops.

10. Moonbase 8, another hilarious sit-com, premiered this week. John C Reilly, Fred Armisen, and Tom Heidecker star as three average astronauts who have the job of living inside one of NASA’s many Lunar Base Simulators.


11. Voight was in for one hell of a surprise in Chicago PD. Atwater returns to state that things in the police department need to change. Voight is adamant that his way works. Atwater knows better. He must bring about change and he is ready to go to extreme lengths to achieve it.

12. Star Trek Discovery reveals that the Federation and Starfleet are dead. Despite what hopes the crew of USS Discovery had, there Starfleet no longer exists and whatever remnants are left of it, it is but a shadow of its former self.


13. Nhan also left the series for good. In Star Trek Discovery Episode “Die Trying”, Nhan decided to stay back in the seed vault ship and complete the first Barzan guard. There will be no Rachael Ancheril in the show from now on.

14. The demise of the Terran Empire must have also hit Georgiou hard. She was left visibly shaken after the revelation about the very real possibility that the Terran Empire no longer exists. The final moments of the Episode showed Georgiou is hiding something. We will have to wait and find out what it could be.


15. Chicago Med returned with a Season 6 run. The Hospital is running out of options with COVID-19 taking over the city. Also, Hannah and Will broke up. Hannah has decided to shift to Los Angeles after her rehab and Will has to stay back.

16. Law & Order: SVU reveals racism exists in all of us. Olivia never even knew she was racist until Renee showed her the mirror. he systemic racism that exists within every nook and cranny of America is the reason why America is a cesspool of chaos right now. Olivia’s implicit bias when she arrested the African-American man because he fit the profile is something we can no longer ignore anymore.


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