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17 Years Ago Today, The Greatest James Bond Movie Ever Made Was Released in Theaters

Daniel Craig's Casino Royale, turns 17 today, it often hailed as the best James Bond movie

17 Years Ago Today, The Greatest James Bond Movie Ever Made Was Released in Theaters


  • Daniel Craig's Casino Royale movie celebrates 17 years since its release back in 2006.
  • Hailed as the best James Bond film, Casino Royale remains a fan-favorite installment.
  • The public shared their love for Craig's first outing as James Bond.

Daniel Craig’s 2006 James Bond film, Casino Royale, remains the most popular installment in the spy franchise. The actor’s first outing as 007 left a positive impression on the audience even after several years had passed.

Eva Green and Daniel Craig Casino Royale
Eva Green and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale (2006)

Considered as the reinvention of the James Bond movies, Casino Royale did not exist in the same timeline as the previous ones. It was a reboot that featured a new actor who would soon become one of the best stars to ever portray the British spy agent.

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Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale Is Hailed As The Best James Bond Film

While Casino Royale definitely rode on the popularity of the James Bond franchise, the movie stands out among the rest because of two factors: the storyline of how Bond attained his 007 status and the modified version of a Bond girl in the form of Vesper Lynd.

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Played by Eva Green, Lynd was the greatest on-screen romance of Bond because the character offered depth and complexity that the previous Bond girls failed to do so. Even though she’s only a secondary character in the film, she helped shape Bond’s story and even influenced him in certain ways.

Eva Green Vesper Lynd James Bond
Eva Green as Vesper Lynd

Casino Royale redefined James Bond movies and Daniel Craig introduced his own take on the titular hero, one that is more grounded and realistic yet vulnerable enough to show his human side. It’s a well-crafted story with fast-paced action and incredible stunts.

It also has a 94% score on Rotten Tomatoes and an IMDb rating of 8/10, which is not really a surprise given the generally positive reactions from fans.


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Fans Celebrate 17 Years Of Casino Royale

Daniel Craig James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond

Die-hard fans of Casino Royale expressed their love for the movie as it celebrates today its 17th anniversary. Check out their tweets below:

Daniel Craig appeared as James Bond in five installments: Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015), and No Time to Die (2021).

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