“I’d be more likely to be a Bond villain”: The Hobbit Star Richard Armitage Debunks James Bond Rumors as 007 Producers Rumored to be Eyeing Christopher Nolan to Helm Franchise

While Christopher Nolan is in consideration for helming the James Bond franchise, Richard Armitage seemingly debunks all rumors of playing Agent 007.

The Hobbit Star Richard Armitage Debunks James Bond Rumors as 007 Producers Rumored to be Eyeing Christopher Nolan to Helm Franchise


  • Richard Armitage was rumored to play James Bond in upcoming James Bond films.
  • Richard Armitage turned down all rumors of him in the run to play Agent 007.
  • Christopher Nolan is currently in consideration for the seat of James Bond film's director.
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The James Bond franchise has been ruling fans’ hearts worldwide for over six decades with the most spectacular portrayals of Agent 007 on the big screen. However, it seems to be standing at the beginning of an unclear future ever since Daniel Craig bid farewell to the character two years ago in 2021.

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James Bond
James Bond

Since then, several actors and directors are rumored to be in consideration for the next films from the franchise. This included The Hobbit star, Richard Armitage, for the role of the peerless spy. However, the outstanding actor seemingly debunked all rumors, and with it, all hopes of fans as well with his comment on the rumors.


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Richard Armitage Turns Down All James Bond Rumors

Richard Armitage
Richard Armitage

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With Daniel Craig‘s exit from the James Bond franchise came the entrance of rumors as to who will next get the chance to play the unparalleled spy. During this discussion, Richard Armitage, who is most renowned for playing Thorin Oakensheild in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, had his name thrown around as well.

However, the actor turned down all rumors and hopes of fans once and for all. Appearing on The One Show, he was asked by host Alex Jones if he had sat down properly with producer Barbara Broccoli. To this, Armitage answered:



He then went on to debunk all the rumors that claimed that he might be in the running to play Agent 007.

“Geriatric Bond. No,” Armitage continued, “I guess there’s a rumor every week, it’s very, very nice, but I’d be more likely to be a Bond villain at this point in my life. I’ll take that.”

Turns out fans’ dreams of seeing Richard Armitage play James Bond on the big screens won’t be coming true anytime soon.


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Christopher Nolan To Direct Next Movies From The James Bond Franchise?

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

Apart from the actors suitable to play James Bond, producers from the franchise have been looking for good filmmakers to direct some of the next movies of Agent 007 as well. This included the legendary director Christopher Nolan.


In an episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, host Josh Horowitz brought up the topic of Bond and the rumors about Nolan being the next filmmaker to helm the franchise in front of the director. To this, Nolan said:

“I love those movies. The influence of those movies in my filmography is embarrassingly apparent. It would be an amazing privilege to do one. At the same time, when you take on a character like that you’re working with [a] particular set of constraints. So it’s a kind of responsibility I also felt very much when taking on Batman.”

However, even though he didn’t confirm the rumors, what’s worth noting is how much creative freedom the Oppenheimer director will get while directing the film since the Bond franchise’s producer Barbara Broccoli is famous for hardly giving a blank check to her directors (via World of Reel):


“Broccoli rarely gives carte blanche to her filmmakers, there’s usually a blueprint in how to make a Bond film, but Nolan wants to take over the entire process, which is understandable because, you know, he’s Christopher Nolan.”

While Broccoli’s point is valid and understandable since James Bond films have a signature format as well as a star-studded reputation to uphold, it is worth noting that Christopher Nolan‘s spectacular directing vision has never ceased to amuse his audience in the past either.


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