20 Side Characters Who Deserve Their Own Feature Film

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Side characters add a lot to the film’s layered narrative. They leave an impression that is hard to shake off. Their characters are so intriguing that we want to see more of them, know their story, life, and their struggles.


Check out 20 such supporting movie characters who totally stole the show with their performance

1) Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter


Rather than just a chapter in the deathly hallows, Luna deserved a whole lot of story about her fascinating character.

2) O’ren Ishii from Kill Bill

Who wouldn’t love to see a movie about what happened to her after her parents were assassinated?


3) Haymitch from The Hunger Games

Haymitch was definitely more than just a drunk old guy.

4) Marla from Fight Club


Helena Bonham Carter was amazing in her role as Marla in the film. A feature film about her would be kickass

5) Maui from Moana

Maui’s backstory seems so interesting. It would be a pleasure to learn more about it.


6) Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect

Making a story around her would have been much better than Anna Kendrick’s character.

7) Lisa from Girl, Interrupted


Winona Ryder’s Susanna was the main character but Angelina Jolie’s Lisa stole the entire show (and an Oscar).

8) Lucious Best AKA Frozone from The Incredibles

“Honey, Where is my own superhero film?”


9) Emily from The Devil Wears Prada

Emily Blunt was too good of a sidekick to Anne Hathaway in the film. A story about her struggle at the fashion magazine would be amazing

10) Mercutio from Romeo + Juliet


With the mad energy and good swagger, Mercutio was one character who simply didn’t deserve death more than anyone

11) Janis from Mean Girls

Janis was one of the funniest side characters in the film. A spinoff about her times when she and Regina were best friends would be a delight to watch


12) Genie from Aladdin

We’ve wanted this since we were kids. Robin Williams stole the whole movie.

13) Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass


Can we get a series on Hit-Girl? It would be the best thing ever.

14) Captain Shakespeare from Stardust

Robert Did Niro’s performance both stole and made that movie.


15) Anna from Frozen

Elsa might have been all great as a princess but Anna is the real queen. Disney should definitely make a spinoff just about her.

16) MJ from Spiderman: Homecoming


MJ was equally as awkward as Peter. But she’s not the“typical” portrayal of Mary Jane. She’s tough and mature.

17) Samwise from Lord Of The Rings

If it weren’t for him, Frodo would have never gotten to Mordor without him, much less destroy the ring. His loving character would be a charm to watch again.


18) Domino from Deadpool 2

Going into her history and life growing up as someone with the ability to be very lucky would be so cool

19) Dionne from Clueless


Dionne’s character was an unproblematic, fashion-forward, loved-up, career focussed queen. We deserve to see more of her.

20) Cliff from Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Cliff was so much more engaging than Leo’s character. Quentin Tarantino, if you’re reading this, we’re practically begging you for his own feature film






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