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20 Times Gina Linetti Proved She Is The Sassiest Brooklyn 9-9 Character

Brooklyn 9-9 has been a great workplace comedy with a great cast lineup. Moreover Gina Linetti has proved she is the sassiest Brooklyn 9-9 character among all of them. She has been the one who’s a constant source of the funniest one-liners. She is many things, but in a word, she is savage. Either she is against Amy, Terry, Jake, or Holt, she’s never afraid to let people know what she thinks about them. She is known for her sassy comments, and the viewers of the show genuinely love her. As a part of the journey of this incredible show, Chelsea Peretti has made so much contribution. Although her disappearance in season 7 made audiences speechless, the impact of she will linger for a long time. Therefore, here is a list of 20 times Gina Linetti proved she is the most straightforward Brooklyn 9-9 character ever to exist.

The moment she explained herself with an emoji which was a winky face. She also clarified that the English language wouldn’t be enough to capture her complicated persona.

Gina is the sassiest

When Gina had Jake call people and tell them she had died to find out how they felt about her.

Gina Linetti proved she was the sassiest Brooklyn 9-9 member in a room full of psychologists.

When she got herself into a legitimate argument:

Gina has become a fashion icon at times. She made us realize that a good outfit is a remedy to everything.

Gina is the sassiest

As Gina indulged in her music, she completely forgot what was happening around her in the precinct.

Gina is the sassiest

She became the sassiest version of herself when she revealed the life circle to the kids and answered the captain.

Back in time when Gina informed people that she grew up forging report cards:

Gina is the sassiest

The time she revealed her true potential and showed her passion for politics.

When Gina Linetti got the ultimate human slash genius title to herself after she outplayed a whole bunch of detectives:

Gina is the sassiest

The way Gina reminded us about her always being prepared about anything and everything.

It’s all about her ability to predict the right things. She even made a shirt that read, “Gina told you so.”

Gina said that she was not that good at modesty because she was great at it. She is indeed the sassiest among all.

Gina is the sassiest

She also illustrated how she was the best ‘go-to-any-party-and-vibe person.’

Gina is the sassiest

The way she handled Pimento and left him speechless with a jaw-dropping reply.

When she exhibited a grand gesture and executed it to perfection:

The classic Gina consistently defies logic. This trait drives the sassiest character in Brooklyn 9-9.

She pretty much always came clean with Boyle.

Gina was famous for her sarcastic one-liners, and she once said, “If I die, turn my tweets into a book.” Fans loved her.

When Gina Linetti told everyone that she was the human version of the ???? emoji:

Gina is the sassiest


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Written by FandomWire Staff