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9 Reasons Why The HBO Max Peacemaker Series Will Beat Loki & WandaVision

HBO Max Peacemaker will be based on a DC comic character. It is a combination of both actions with comedy. In this HBO Max Series, the famous WWE Superstar John Cena is reprising his role from The Suicide Squad as the main character. Here are 9 Reasons Why The HBO Max Series Will Beat Loki & WandaVision.

1. Starring John Cena in Peacemaker

Peacemaker Starring John Cena

John Cena has played unique characters in all of his movies, and the audiences love him for his acting skills and fabulous physique. Both Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston play great characters in their respective roles as Loki and Wanda Vission. John Cena’s excellent acting and humor will help lead the role as Peacemaker, and fans are looking forward to seeing it.

2. Casting all the Talented Stars in the series:

Peacemaker casting all the talented stars.

The HBO Max Series Peacemaker will cast all the talented actors and actresses, each with an unusual character. The Peacemaker also stars Steve Agee, Jennifer Holland, Robert Patrick, Danielle Brooks, Freddie Stoma, and Chukudi Iwuji.

3. It might not be a Limited Series.

HBO Max Peacemaker

It is becoming quite unclear whether Wandavision is a limited series or not. The second season of Peacemaker hasn’t been announced yet, but it seems likely that James Gunn will make it if the first season is successful.

4. James Gunn as the Director of Peacemaker:

HBO Max Peacemaker

James Gunn has a great sense of style in making movies. Many other filmmakers even try to make movies like him to match his style. Currently, he is Hollywood’s busiest man. Recently, he finished filming “The Suicide Squad,” “Guardians vol. 3,” and the Guardians Christmas special. He also directed the eight episodes of HBO’s Max Series Peacemaker.

5. John Cena is one of the Funniest Characters:

HBO Max Peacemaker

John Cena has played the most comic character of Peacemaker with outrageous dressing sense. The main motive behind making this series was to make the surface of Peacemaker an amusing and hilarious one.

6. The Peacemaker will be full of suspense.

In a recent interview, James Gunn has mentioned that there is a reason behind Peacemaker’s helmet. People might think that it’s just a creative design without any purpose. However, only the true comic fans of Peacemaker know the reason behind that helmet. This has left the audiences in suspense and eager to watch the series.

7. Warner Bros. Production

The HBO Max Series Peacemaker has been produced by the excellent production team Warner Bros. Warner Bros has made an enormous amount of great movies. However, this time Warner Bros has played a smart move by giving James Gunn the authority to direct and create the series Peacemaker.

8. A completely untainted series.

James Gunn has mentioned that the series Peacemaker will be more grounded than The Suicide Squad with “no holds barred.” That means the series will be more like a TV show but with the same type of violence and graphic one-liners as The Suicide Squad.

9. No previous DCEU Heroes

HBO Max Peacemaker

DCEU has announced that there would not be any DC heroes or familiar faces from the previous movies of DCEU in this series. However, because John Cena is a part of the DCEU family, audience anticipation for Peacemaker is high.

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Written by FandomWire Staff