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9 Ways WandaVision Has Cemented Itself As The Best Superhero Show Ever Made

That’s the thing with Marvel Cinematic Universe; they put originality to make every show/movie worth watching. WandaVision isn’t an exception. The show somehow managed to be endlessly fascinating with the help of the right elements that were taken from the comics and Wanda’s MCU origin story. With the help of an interesting character line-up, the blend of humor and grief made it one of the best Marvel blockbusters. Well, it has won millions of hearts as the best Superhero show of the time as it is an action-packed smash-hit. So, without any further ado, let’s see the 9 ways WandaVision has cemented itself as the best superhero show ever made.


The cast of WandaVision did an excellent job of making it the best superhero show. As WandaVision’s unique format helped actors to get the best out of them, they also did an impressive job with the more emotionally focused dialogues and plots. However, when the sitcom world shifted, the actors had to change their roles accordingly. Their portrayal was truly phenomenal.

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There are only a few stories that could portray a great love story. And WandaVision tops the list. Their chemistry was always remarkable, and the show ended up making it even better. They have many heart-melting moments during the show, and all of them came off pretty authentic.

WandaVision is the best superhero show ever made

The shifting to sitcom could’ve turned off the fans, but they ended up adoring the whole concept instead. Despite the cliché MCU patterns of Loki and The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, WandaVision went in an opposite direction, and fans admired it. Setting the show apart from the typical MCU fare was risky, but the result turned out to be very well.

WandaVision is the best superhero show ever made

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WandaVision is considerably the best superhero show ever made cause it had a very different taste than all the other shows that were recognizably MCU. The show focused on building the storyline in a more engaging way and made the character arcs more interesting. And this feature attracted more audiences.

WandaVision is the best superhero show ever made

Despite the other MCU shows, WandaVision wasn’t scared to point out the flaws in its lead character. MCU always holds back when it comes to showing the grey areas of the Superheroes. But with WandaVision, they went the other side. As a result, fans not only sympathized with Wanda but also understood how terrible some of her actions were.


Humor is one of the most effective key aspects of WandaVision. The sitcom arrangement offered a lot of humor in the show. To top it off, it was much more different than any other MCU product. However, they also tried to add the thrill.

WandaVision is the best superhero show ever made


WandaVision is the perfect example that superheroes of the 21st century could be used to tell more stories than expected. It has portrayed that the superheroes of the new era are more than simplistic, battling supervillains brilliantly.

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The show has developed a fascinating character study that centered around grief. It has successfully managed to portray the sadness and how it impacted people. They concentrated on telling Wanda’s life and how she coped with grief. And it appears to be one of the reasons why WandaVision is considered as the best superhero show of the time.

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WandaVision is the only show that has resisted the traditional MCU path for very long. The sitcom has restrained itself from going full MCU for as long as possible. However, they couldn’t hold off the conventional path forever. But meanwhile, they have done a great job preventing the MCU formula.



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