3 Times Vegeta Was Wrong, and 3 Times He Caught DBZ Fans Offguard With His Intellect

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3 Times Vegeta Was Wrong, and 3 Times He Caught DBZ Fans Offguard With His Intellect

From wanting to defeat Goku and destroy Earth to becoming the best ally, Vegeta has come a long way through the series. Even though he is loved in the Dragon Ball community, even the Prince of Saiyan has his shortcomings. Being raised as a Saiyan elite, his combat intelligence increased significantly. There have been several moments when he surprised the fans with his cunning wits. On the contrary, he has also got things absolutely wrong.

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When He Couldn’t Figure Out Hit’s Time-Skip (Vegeta Was Wrong)

Hit's Time Skip in Dragon Ball Z
Hit’s Time Skip in Dragon Ball Z

While fighting significant opponents in the series, Vegeta mostly gets the short end of the stick. He becomes the decoy on whom the newly found powers are tested. During the Tournament of Destroyers, Vegeta’s natural fighting instincts failed him against Hit. He just couldn’t anticipate Hit’s Time Skip.

When He Decided To Use Final Explosion Against Majin Buu (Vegeta Was Wrong)

Vegeta Final Explosion from Dragon Ball Z
Vegeta Final Explosion from Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta attacked Majin Buu with an arsenal of moves that left the warrior wounded and trying to heal. Vegeta got an out-of-the-box plan and decided to execute a new move, which involved blowing himself up. The attack was called “Final Explosion,” but it ended up becoming counterproductive. He accidentally dies instead of vaporizing Majin Buu as he underestimates his regeneration power.

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When He Tried To Unlock Ultra Instinct (Vegeta Was Wrong)

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

Goku unlocked his Ultra Instinct, which influenced Vegeta to do so. However, in the process, he ended up getting hit several times. He also failed to learn the move. As a warrior, he ignored the differences between him and Goku, which resulted in a rather useless predicament that benefited no one.

When He Realized Namek Most Likely Had Its Own Set Of Dragon Balls (Vegeta’s Intellect caught fans off-guard)

The Dragons Balls from Dragon Ball Z
The Dragons Balls from Dragon Ball Z

There was much more than defeating Goku, which brought Nappa and Vegeta to Earth. They also wanted to acquire the Dragon Balls. Both of them were aware of the fact that Earth’s Dragon Balls would be useless if Piccolo were to die. However, to the fans’ surprise, Vegeta realized that Namek would have its own set of Dragon Balls, which could be utilized back on their planet. And this theory ended up proving itself true.

When He Decided To Use Final Explosion Against Toppo (Vegeta’s Intellect caught fans off-guard)

Vegeta's Final Explosion against Toppo
Vegeta’s Final Explosion against Toppo

Vegeta’s first execution of Final Explosion didn’t turn out well. He was instantly finished off by Majin Buu even before he could do any damage. However, Vegeta used this move again while fighting with Toppo. Despite the dangers involved with this technique, he learned to control the energy and prevent himself from dying. Despite being worn out from the battle, Vegeta’s quick thinking actually helped him to win the bout against Toppo as his Final Explosion overwhelmed Toppo’s Sphere of Destruction and knocked him out of the arena.

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When He Invented The God-To-Blue Switching Technique In The Manga (Vegeta’s Intellect caught fans off-guard)

Super Saiyan God Vegeta
Super Saiyan God Vegeta

There are a lot of differences between the events in Dragon Ball Super’s manga and anime. A prominent distinction arises with the God-to-Blue switching technique. This move involves a transformation from Super Saiyan God to Super Saiyan Blue at the very moment when the user lands an attack. In the anime, this technique was invented by Goku to enhance his powers while maintaining his stamina. However, in the manga, this technique is introduced by Vegeta. He tries to assert dominance over Goku Black with this technique.

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