One of the Most Powerful Beings in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta Has a Weakness That Started After His Tragic Childhood

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One of the Most Powerful Beings in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta Has a Weakness That Started After His Tragic Childhood

Vegeta is known to be one of the strongest beings in the history of Dragon Ball. He is literally the Prince of Saiyans, a violent race that is known to be the strongest fighters in the universe. He is only second to Goku in terms of Power and has been victorious in many battles against some of the most dangerous beings. His real power was witnessed in the battle between the universes. He is the second person to use the power of Super Saiyan Blue and in the future of the series, many fans believe he will be the God of Destruction.

Vegeta - Super Saiyan Blue Evolved
Vegeta – Super Saiyan Blue Evolved

But the Legendary Prince has a big fear that started in his childhood. He fears Lord Beerus the most as seen in many episodes of Dragon Ball Super and this is because of his tragic childhood.

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Vegeta’s Fear of Beerus Started When he was a Kid

When Beerus first appears in the Dragon Ball franchise, Vegeta is revealed to be terrified of the Destroyer. And legitimately so, as he is literally the God of Destruction. Everyone who first meets Beerus is shown to extremely scared and helpless against the monstrous power of the God of Destruction. But Vegeta is seen to be a little extra cautious and scared of him. The explanation for this stems from a point in his boyhood when he witnessed his father being entirely impotent and completely under Beerus’ control. Given Vegeta’s importance of Saiyan pride, this scene obviously stayed with him, providing the foundation for his initial terror of Lord Beerus.

Vegeta Fears Beerus
Vegeta Fears Beerus

Prince Vegeta is known to have tackled some of the biggest enemies in the universe, but his fear of the God of Destruction is justified, not only because of his tragic childhood but also because of the unlimited and fearful power possessed by the God of Destruction. Even the protagonist of the series, Goku is not able to defeat Beerus with all his power even after transforming into Saiyan God Mode.

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The Only Time Vegeta Overcomes His Fear

The only time when Vegeta is able to overcome his trauma of Beerus from childhood is when Beerus slaps Bulma. This angers Vegeta to the point where he loses all his control and sanity forgets about his fear for Beerus and starts attacking him. Many fans believe that at that time Vegeta even became stronger than Goku and managed to give a tough fight to the God of Destruction.

Vegeta vs. Beerus
Vegeta vs. Beerus

This scene is one of the most prominent scenes for Vegeta fans as we get to see his full potential against Beerus and also his love for Bulma, his wife, which is very rarely seen in Dragon Ball.

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Written by Tarun Kohli