35 Jokes From F.R.I.E.N.D.S That Are Funny Even After 17 Years

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On September 22, 1994, a television sitcom titled F.R.I.E.N.D.S about six young adults living in New York City, made a debut on NBC. Little did anyone know that these six young adults would go on to break records and become one of the most-watched shows of television history.
Their reunion special became the highlight of our year where we saw the entire cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. casually chilling again on their iconic sofa. While there might be numerous sitcoms that have our interests, nothing tops off our love for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Take a look at 35 jokes from the series which will never get old for us:

1. How Joey learned what day Thursday falls on.


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2. When Emma was late.

3. When Monica and Chandler were trying to secretly hook up at Ross’s wedding.


4. When Joey wrote a song for his identical hand twin.

5. When Rachel took down Ross in a rather impeccable manner.

6. When Pheobe hurt her eyes.


7. How often Joey is sexually active.

8. When Rachel wanted to have some side salad.

9. College Chandler and College Ross planning to make use of their music.


10. And their fake IDs.

11. Phoebe’s crush on Monica and Ross’s dad.

12. Phoebe’s tiny tattoo of Earth.


13. When Joey was on the Pyramid game show.

14. The date plans between Pheobe and Chandler

15. Monica’s biggest pet peeve as told by Ross.


16. Rachel’s favorite movie.

16. Joey’s trying to help Ross talk about something uncomfortable.

17. Chandler proposing the idea of a baby to Monica but hypothetically.


18. Phoebe’s sorority.

19. Joey’s plans if he was omnipotent for a day.

20. When Chandler accidentally saw Rachel topless and had a compliment in his mind.


21. When they were planning a tit for tat deal.

22. When Joey learns that it is not named after each individual man.

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23. Rachel’s way of expressing her joy.


24. Chandler not being emotional or crying while watching Bambi.

25. When Phoebe had the best reason of not being able to help.

26. Monica and her anxiety around catering Carol and Susan’s wedding guests.


27. Ross’s preaching on a better path of life.

27. Monica’s brilliant idea of potential future friends.

28. When Rachel poked fun at Ross with the part of his “con list” that said she’s got chubby ankles.


29. When Phoebe had just found out about Monica and Chandler and wasn’t able to keep herself composed.

30. When Phoebe gave Rachel her old maternity pants as well as a brilliant idea.

31. The knife that Monica put in Rachel’s back.


32. Chandler’s secret to hair growth.

33. When Chandler had to read a fake short story so Rachel wouldn’t know a piece of paper was actually a pro/con list about her.

34. When Monica told her parents how loaded she was at her surprise 30th birthday party.


35. Rachel’s confusion about her first paycheck.

Could he possibly be wearing any more clothes?

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