4 Eras God of War Should Go to Next

In what era could we see future God of War games being set?

4 Era’s God of War Should go to Next


  • With the release of God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla, many fans have speculated about what the next era could be.
  • There are suggestions about different eras that could be considered for the franchise.
  • With God of War considered a staple of action-adventure games, the possibilities for future games are endless.
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God of War is a series with its roots firmly planted in mythology, and the much-loved franchise has seen Kratos take on both Greek and Norse in past games. With the recent release of God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla and talk of the original trilogy of action-adventure titles being remastered for current-gen, many fans look forward to what they could see with future titles.


So with both Greek mythology and Norse mythology already being the focus of the previous games, what direction could future games take, and would they still be based on mythology? Given our pen chance for war over the various years and the numerous battles that have taken place, could this be the basis for future entries?

What Other Eras Could We See in God of War?

God Of War
The recently released title has led to many discussing what could be seen in future entries to the franchise.

Feudal Japan

One era that has always proven popular with action-adventure games is that of feudal Japan, and Ghost of Tsushima was one of the best games recently to feature that period. The storyline set during the Mongol invasion utlized some of the best combat for a third-person action adventure game, and many fans would no doubt like to see something similar in a GoW game of this era.


So who is to say that Kratos couldn’t find his way to the 16th century and adorn some Ronin armor, pick up a Samurai sword, and take on the invaders of that time period? Japanese mythology also has various deities, so there is ample opportunity to use these and have gods like Rajin and Fuijin appear as adversaries.

Roman Empire

Another possibility would be to venture back to the days of the Roman occupation and fight your way through Europe and beyond. It would perhaps be more likely that Kratos would side with the Germanic barbarians of the time or even the picts of Britain. With the masses of the Roman legions, there would certainly be plenty of opponents lined up to do battle with.

Kratos could take on Romulus and Remus, the founders of the Roman Empire, and battle the massive wolves barehanded. Or could he even venture into the holy land to take on Jesus Christ himself, who takes on power from the man upstairs? The latter part seems less likely, but you never know about a cameo.


Ancient Egypt

Perhaps fans of the franchise would like to see Kratos take on the Gods of Egypt. With such a rich heritage of gods, could we see Ancient Egypt as an era chosen for a future title? There is enough magic and mysticism surrounding that period of time that could provide an exciting storyline for the next instalment of the GoW franchise.

God Of War
How would Kratos fare in another era, taking on the gods of that period?

Who knows what could happen if Kratos were to stand up to Egyptian gods like Anubis, Sett, and Osiris, to name but a few. The banks of the Nile at the time in which the pyramids were being built could provide an ideal setting for Kratos to take on the various challenges of that era. Regardless of the various gods of that era, there are still the deadly animals of that continent that could deal a deadly blow. Crocodiles, hippos, and asps are ones to be wary of.

Ancient Britian

One other suggestion could be that of ancient Britain and that of the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. With the mythology surrounding that period, there is plenty of source material to base an entry around. Notorious for its sword battles and mythological creatures, there could be all manner of beings encountered in this storyline.


Who’s to say that Kratos couldn’t pop up in this era and encounter the Lady of the Lake. The enchantress who lived beneath the waters was said to have provided King Arthur with the fabled sword Excalibur. With characters such as Merlin the Magician and Morgan Le Fay, there would be sufficient magical forces to contend with.

The Wild West

With the lawlessness of the American Plains and the mythology of the Native American people, there would certainly be enough for Kratos to encounter in this period. Each Native American tribe had their own deities, which they recognized, so it could be that Kratos could encounter differing gods depending on where he was on the continent.

While some tribes had gods for the sun and the moon, others had gods for the wind and the rain, so there were plenty to choose from. While it may be less likely that we could see a GoW game set in this era, it may be fun to see Kratos take up arms with the Native Americans and defend against all invaders, taking a few scalps in the process.


Other Suggestions

There are obvious suggestions, such as Ancient Persia and the time of the pirates, but then similarities could be drawn between GoW and the Assassin’s Creed franchise. However, stepping away from these could be the eras of the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayans, which are perhaps lesser known but still as culturally rich with several deities to call from.

Other possibilities could be to have a game centered around the time of early man and use the basic tools of the time to hunt down and ride woolly mammoths or battle saber-toothed tigers. Another could be ancient India and its rich vein of Hindu deities who could provide help or hindrance to the protagonist as he journeys through the Asian continent.

We know that GoW is steeped in mythology, but could we ever see a future entry without any attached? What if the franchise was brought into more modern times or was indeed set at some point in the future? As ridiculous as it may sound, there have been suggestions about seeing the protagonist take on some of the more modern-day tyrants. Who wouldn’t want to see Kratos battling his way through Nazi Germany?

God Of War
After Valhalla, where could we see Kratos ending up in a future God of War title?

What is clear from the GoW games is that mythology is a vital part of the storytelling process and goes hand in hand with the action adventure games. With the various cultures we have worldwide and the various mythologies that accompany them, there are so many options for what could be seen in a future GoW title.

While many fans will have their own opinions about where they would like to see a new God of War game based, there are so many options to choose from that it will be far from unanimous. The franchise remains one of the staples of the PlayStation catalog and indeed of the gaming world, so it’s no surprise fans are already talking about future entries.

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