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4 Marvel Heroes Omni-Man Would Totally Thrash In A Fight (& 3 Who Can Beat Him)

4 Marvel Heroes Omni Man Would Totally Thrash In A Fight 3 Who Can Beat Him

Omni-Man, the villain of Invincible Season 1, seems like a truly unstoppable threat. If Omni-Man was in the Marvel Comic Book Universe, which heroes could stop him (and/or get thrashed in the process)?

Would Thrash: Wolverine’s Adamantium Bones & Healing Factor Will be Useless

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For twenty years, scientists in the Invincible universe studied Omni-Man’s DNA. They found that nothing has ever come close to actually killing the Viltrumite. Sure Wolverine has his Adamantium skeleton and claws and that wonderful healing factor. He can regenerate himself from a single blood cell. But Logan can never find a way to actually beat Omni-Man. Not even the world’s toughest metallic alloy can bring Omni-Man to his knees.

Would Thrash Him: The Hulk Is An Unstoppable Gamma Radiation Powered Monster

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The Hulk

The Hulk has shown time and again why the entire world is scared of him. A walking weapon of mass destruction, Bruce Banner is an unstoppable killing machine. The angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes. Besides, the Hulk’s healing factor makes him truly invincible. From what we have seen in The Immortal hulk series, the Hulk simply cannot die. Omni-Man would lose – DEARLY

Would Thrash: Spider-Man’s Powers Are Super Weak Compared To Omni-Man

ben reilly amazing spider man beyond marvel comics

Peter Parker may be one of the most popular superheroes to ever exist. But name and fame alone does not decide the victor in a one on one battle. Spider-Man is a friendly neighborhood vigilante. His powers make him a bad match against Omni-Man, who regularly levels planets and exterminates entire civilizations if ticked in the wrong way. In terms of strength, speed, and durability, Omni-Man is just too far up there.

Would Thrash Him: Thor Is A God Too Powerful For Omni-Man To Beat

Thor Vol 6 1.0

Thor Odinson has battled giants and monsters, saving countless worlds since thousands of years. His mystic connection to the Phoenix Force as well as his father’s Odinforce already make him a class apart. With his enchanted Mjolnir hammer, Thor has access to a host of other abilities. His strength, endurance, stamina, durability, and speed, make him a hero on par with the Hulk. Omni-Man may put up a fight but Thor would wipe the floor with him.

Would Thrash: Iron Man’s Inventions Have Flaws That Omni-Man Could Exploit

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Iron Man

He is a genius inventor that can create all kinds of wonderful technology and weaponry. Tony Stark has a suit for literally every occasion. From a Galactus Buster suit to a Hulk Buster and even a Celestial Buster suit, Iron Man has all kinds of weapons at his disposal. the only problem is – his weapons do not always work against the enemy it is designed to fight against. History has shown that Stark’s weapons are not perfect. there are flaws Omni-Man could easily exploit

Would Thrash Him: Doctor Strange Is The Universe’s Greatest Sorcerer

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Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme has so many magical artefacts and spells at his fingertips we would almost feel bad for Nolan. This is the same guy who conjured a spell that can wipe out memories from the entire multiverse and destroy the very fabric of reality in the process. With a treasure trove of magic, the Sorcerer Supreme would make Omni-Man his plaything. Push comes to shove, he can just trap Omni-Man in the mirror dimension and call it a day.

Would Thrash: The Thing Is Not As Tough As Omni-Man

The Thing Marvel Feture
The Thing

The Thing has an almost indestructible rock hide. It makes him impervious to blunt force attacks, the only weapon Omni-Man has at his disposal. But the comics have shown that despite his Godlike durability, the Thing can be knocked unconscious if sufficient force is used. both the Hulk and the Champion of the Universe have managed to knock him out with this tactic. Nolan could also do the same.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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