5 2000’s Movie Tropes That Are Unforgivable (& 5 That Are Secretly Awesome)

Movies from the early 2000s are absolute bliss. They have a weird but satisfactory feel to them. All the teen dramas had a refreshing storyline, and we all could rely on the fact that nobody would die. Clearly, we can’t say the same about the current-day teen dramas like Riverdale. Even today, we can sit with our comfort food and enjoy the taste of the early 2000s without feeling dumb about the movies. There are certain movie tropes that almost all of these movies carry. That’s what makes these movies so unique. Check out some of these tropes that absolutely need to come back. And well, a few, that shouldn’t.

The must come back movie tropes:

Romantic relationships are not the most significant. The protagonist has a stronger relationship with other side characters, aside from their love interest.

what a girl wants
The father-daughter relationship is what we were truly rooting for

Female leads can be influential and powerful, all the while being conventionally ‘girly.’ Characters don’t have to give up on their feminine traits to be taken seriously.

The feminine traits- movie tropes
Pink is a part of the character’s identity and she’s proud of it

First friends, then lovers. That’s the magic mantra for most movie tropes. The intimacy created by such relationship development is unbeatable.

13 going on 30- movie tropes
their relationship grew with the characters

A magic portal that takes you to a different world. The non-scientific concept of an alternate dimension is a fantasy we’ll all love to live.

enchanted- movie trope
A magic portal that takes the character to an unsuitable world

The protagonist grows older or younger in an unexplained manner. To see them confused, do things over, and turn their life around, ahh, that’s comfort.

17 again- movie tropes
Matthew Perry becomes 17, played by Zac Efron

Movie tropes that were a disaster:

The leading character mostly centers around three words, Thin, white, straight. The current-day movies are highly inclusive, and that has to count for something.

27 dresses- movie tropes
The protagonist follows the same description almost all the time

The popular girl who is a bully: all high school movies have at least one character who is crazy popular but is evil and jealous.

mean girls- movie tropes
The “I’m above it all” attitude of the characters is stigmatized

Women can’t be friends. Two female characters always have a competitive relationship and rarely ever work together as a team.

bride wars
Constantly pitting women against each other isn’t healthy

The movies can’t give up on the Cinderella storyline. We get it; it’s great, but move on!

a Cinderella story
The girl always wants, and gets her prince charming

The male character will do just anything to ensure that he wins the woman he’s interested in. Like, has he ever heard of giving up? She said showed her disinterest.

50 first dates- movie tropes
One of the movie tropes that’s slightly based on patriarchy


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