5 Reasons Doctor Doom’s Armor Is A Million Times Better Than Iron Man’s Suit

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As far as villains go, Doctor Doom sits at the top. He has a lot of things going for him. His magic powers, his intelligence, the fact that he is a monarch and has his own castle. All these attributes make him a formidable villain. However, it is Doctor Doom’s Armor that truly sets him apart. It not only makes him next to invincible but also gives him his intimidating looks.


While Doctor Doom’s armor is one of the most powerful, it certainly is not without competition. The challenge comes from Iron Man’s suit. After all, Tony Stark put a lot of work into improving his armor. Nevertheless, Doctor Doom has the better one. Below, we list reasons why Doctor Doom’s armor is leagues ahead of Iron Man’s suit. Who do you think has the better armor? Let us know in the comments section below.

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1. A Formidable Weapon

Reasons Doctor Doom's Armor is better than iron man's suit
Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is ridiculously intelligent. It is another story that he put his intelligence into evil things. Over the course of time, he has made several things. From advanced robots, called Doombots, to time machines. However, it is his armor that is his greatest and most powerful invention. It has amazing durability and can withstand many onslaughts. It augments his strength and enables him to fire powerful energy blasts, and has helped him in many battles.

2. Intimidating Looks

Reasons Doctor Doom's Armor is better than iron man's suit
Doctor Doom in the comics

Doctor Doom is vain. He likes to intimidate others, and his armor greatly aids him in that. Its metallic gray color is ominous and looks menacing. The armor, together with his face mask, makes him look ready for battle. After all, a great villain should look the part, and Doctor Doom certainly does.

3. Doctor Doom’s Armor- A Complete Package

Reasons Doctor Doom's Armor is better than iron man's suit
Doctor Doom with his armor

Iron Man has a severe handicap. He has to wear specialized armors for different situations. For instance, his Hulk-buster armor helps him fight the Hulk. Doctor Doom does not have this problem. His suit is a complete package. It has all the offense and defense that he needs. Ready for battle at all times, and against all opponents. This puts him at a great advantage against Iron Man.


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4. Doctor Doom’s Armor Got Him Godlike Powers

Reasons Doctor Doom's Armor is better than iron man's suit
A Picture of Doctor Doom

By far, one of the most impressive abilities that Doctor Doom’s armor has is the ability to siphon power from his opponents. He has this tool against any opponent, no matter how powerful. This allows him to greatly improve his strength and makes him especially potent. All this power accumulation gives Doctor Doom almost godlike capabilities. Iron Man’s suit has no such abilities.

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5. It Masks His Disfigurement

Reasons Doctor Doom's Armor is better than iron man's suit
A Closeup of Doctor Doom’s Mask

The origin story behind Doctor Doom’s armor is quite sad. His face was disfigured in an incident. This prompted him to get an armor suit made by some Tibetan monks. He wore the armor and his mask at all times from that point onwards. To both, give him great powers and to also mask his scars.

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