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5 Reasons Why Spider-Man Is The Best Street-Level Hero (And 5 Why It Is Daredevil)

We often find ourselves in awe while watching the god-like superheroes takedown intergalactic entities. But if you take your eyes off the space and get back on earth, you’ll come across more fascinating characters. While Iron Man and Thor are the heroes we look up to, Spider-Man and Daredevil feel more human and relatable. These two street-level characters are saving the common people on street from dangers and crime that are more likely to befall us than the aliens. They are the reason why citizens can breathe freely in the neighborhood. Both of them have their style of watching over the alley. But who is the best street-level hero? Find out 5 reasons why Daredevil is better and 5 reasons why it is Spider-Man.

Daredevil: Takes Responsibilities For His Mistakes

Daredevil has never turned away from taking accountability for his actions. In one of the storylines, Matt pleaded guilty for causing someone’s death even if that could result in incarceration. He sets an example for every superhero out there whose recklessness has led to casualties on many occasions. Matt firmly believes that the law is the same for everyone.

Spider-Man: Values Others’ Feelings

Becoming Captain America in terms of enhanced strength and speed may not be possible for us. But we all can try being Spider-Man in our regular lives. It’s not that difficult when you start caring for others’ feelings and problems. Spider-Man is the ideal hero for his undeterred humanity and benevolence. In one of the storylines, he recruited a kid as his sidekick and named him Spider-Bite. In the end, we learn that the kid was battling cancer and Spidey was trying to lift his spirits and make him feel like a hero.

Daredevil: Never An Avenger

Daredevil is one of the fewest heroes who have never been a part of the Avengers team. Every Marvel hero, at some point in their life, has joined the coveted team. Even though Daredevil has fought beside them during the Civil War, he never compromised his responsibility towards his citizens to fry bigger fish.

Spider-Man: Prioritizes Life

Heroes are often thrown in a predicament where they must choose between catching the villain and saving a life. But we know what choice Spider-Man will make. He will let the bad guy flee to save an innocent’s life. Spidey knows the value of someone’s life and that he can always deal with his foe later.

Daredevil: A Hero Without Uniform

Matt Murdock has dedicated his entire life to protecting citizens. Even when he is not in his costume fighting criminals, Matt ensures that the law puts the bad guys behind bars. Basically, he is constantly working for people from morning to night, as a lawyer and as a vigilante. Even when Murdock was no more a lawyer, he continued helping the wrongly accused with everything he had.

Spider-Man: Watches Over Helpless People

Spidey’s superpowers are not limited to wall-crawling or strength. In fact, his real power lies in his generous heart. On several occasions, he has displayed his concerns for the less fortunate. He prioritizes helping them in whichever way possible. Even when someone wants to repay him for saving their lives, the neighborhood hero sends them to any homeless person he knows of.

Daredevil: Efficacy

Daredevil prefers quality to quantity. Instead of covering the whole city of New York, he focuses on one area, i.e., Hell’s Kitchen. He knows that he won’t be that effective if he keeps running across the entire city. So, he ensures 100% safety of his area by watching over every corner and street.

Spider-Man: Sacrificed His Love Life

Sacrificing your loved ones and happiness is a part and parcel of a superhero’s life. But Peter Parker has endured more loss than anyone else at a very young age. He had to give up his love life and marriage with Mary Jane in order to keep the city safe. When his identity as Spider-Man was revealed, Peter had to make a deal with the devil Mephisto. The demon granted his wish to erase the memory of his identity from everyone’s mind in exchange for his marriage.

Daredevil: Specializes In Street-Level

Your chances of needing Daredevil’s help are more than needing that of an Avenger. While the latter is mostly out in space, fighting aliens, androids and intergalactic forces, Daredevil tries to be there for the citizens. He knows the kind of dangers that loom over the neighborhood and attempts to curb it as much as possible. Daredevil relates to people and puts himself in their shoes.

Spider-Man: Lovable

There is a reason why Spidey is called the friendly neighborhood hero. He is funny, down to earth, and very approachable. You will rarely see this hero brooding like his teammates. He can lighten up any serious moment with one-liners and innocent goof ups. Unlike other heroes who are hard to reach, Spider-Man is always available to help you lift a heavy box and to save you from getting robbed.


Written by Ipshita Barua