5 Reasons Why Super Mario Sunshine Still Holds Up

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Super Mario Sunshine was initially released in 2002. It’s a platform/ action-adventure game. This hit game was programmed by Koichi Hayashida, Shunsaku Kitamura, and Shinichi Sasaki, and published by Nintendo. Since the game’s release, many more Mario franchise games have been released. 

Super Mario Sunshine

Interesting Plot

The interesting plot of this game is unrivaled by other action/adventure games of its era. The hit game takes place on the tropical resort of Isle Delfino, which has 10 primary locations. Mario, Princess Peach, and other Toads discover that the Island is covered in a shadow when they arrive. To solve this issue, they set out to collect 120 Shine Sprites, the Isles energy and light source. This interesting plot and motivating goal in the game gives the player an overall better experience. 

Mario on Yoshi in Super Mario Sunshine

Interesting Gameplay Features

In Nintendo’s “Super Mario Sunshine”, the gameplay is what brought the game attention. Although the gameplay takes many factors from its predecessors, the game also includes many new elements that were also passed onto sequels. In the, it incorporates many popular features from Nintendo 64’s Super

Smash Bros. These gameplay features go into making a better overall experience for the players, and a more original and classic gameplay. 

Gameplay of Super Mario Sunshine

The Platforming is still used in recent Mario Games

The platforming used in Super Mario Sunshine is still used today for Mario games. The most recent releases continue to use this platforming, and still hold their popularity. The platforming is classic for Mario games, and is easy for long-time players to understand. This can also put in a nostalgic factor into the game. This nostalgia can also be what brings the game popularity two decades after its initial release. Overall, the platforming used in Super Mario Sunshine traveled throughout the years, being a prominent part of today’s Mario games. 

Mario Collecting Blue Coins, the hardest part of the game

Not Unfairly Difficult

This hit game has an easily understandable dynamic. The game provides the player with a small challenging aspect, but not so much that the player is faced with mass difficulty. This aspect of the game makes it so that the player is challenged, but not incapable of playing the game. This can spark a competitive aspect into the players of the game, increasing its popularity and durability over the years. If the game was too difficult, not as many people would have played the game, and it wouldn’t have held up for as long as it has. Overall, the challenging aspect makes the game more enjoyable. 

Super Mario Sunshine Box Art

Classic Enemies 

Although the enemies in this game are classics in the Mario Franchise, this doesn’t change their difficulty level. The enemies in this game still put up a fight and allow the player to be challenged. These anemones are widely known in the Nintendo world, and despite being enemies, can still be considered fan favorites. The enemies all have differentiations in abilities or specialties, making each enemy original. Overall, the classic enemies in this game help the game to stay afloat years after it was initially released. 


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Written by Trinity Fulkroad

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