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5 Reasons Why The GameCube Is The Best Console Ever

The GameCube was initially released and put on shelves in 2001. This console could be considered the most progressive console released, and created internet play without the use of wires, making it advanced and unrivaled. 

Luigi’s Mansion disc

The Use of Discs

The GameCube differentiates from its predecessors in the way that it uses small discs rather than full sized DVDs. The use of discs makes the GameCube more convenient in many ways. The discs allow for easy storage, allowing the player to get right to the game they’re playing. This easy accessibility makes the game console more enjoyable for the player to use. Overall, the easy storage makes for a better gaming experience. 

GameCube with Internet Adapter

The First Console to Support Internet Play

The GameCube was officially the first console to fully support internet play. This meant people could play together without the use of wires. This made the gaming console more advanced and convenient for the user. This also allowed the console to connect to the Game Boy Advance. This factor added some special features into some games. Overall, the use of the internet to support multiplayer gameplay gave the console an overall better experience. 

GameCube Game Boy Player

Compatibility With Other Games

The GameCube is compatible with games designed for other consoles. This gives the user of the console more options when choosing a game to play, and also eliminates the hassle of having to find the games that are compatible with their console. The GameCube is compatible with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and the Game Boy Advance. This compatibility provides more convenience to the user of the console, overall giving the console a higher ranking. 

Fandomwire Video
GameCube Memory Card

High Storage

The GameCube comes with two memory card ports used for saving game data. Compared to other memory cards of the GameCube’s era, the memory cards had a large save capacity. This allowed the player more freedom and flexibility when playing and saving games with its console. The user of the console was also able to use the three card option, which was later released. This option provided the player with more save capacity, and allowed for better gameplay on the console. 

Nintendo GameCube


The controller designed for the GameCube was created from Nintendo’s past experiences. This led to the use of the handlebar controller, made popular by Sony’s PlayStation. The handlebar controller allowed the player to more easily hold the controller while gaming. This allowed a more enjoyable, effortless experience for the player while using the console. The controller had two analog sticks, designed for improving the 3D experience for games used on the console. These analog sticks allowed for the player to look around and change their perspective while using the console. This factor created an overall better in-game experience for the user of the console while playing a game. 

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Written by Trinity Fulkroad