5 Superpowers Marvel Superheroes Almost Never Use

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Typically, the term superhero conjures up images of costumed crime fighters competent of amazing feats. Superheroes can usually fly, create explosions of energy from any part of their bodies, possess unheard-of strength, and heal from almost any injury. Also, with decades of explorations, editors, and stories, it’s no a surprise that Marvel superheroes have had many superpowers all along.


Some superheroes don’t even realize how powerful they could be if they had used all these powers they possess. Okay, faithful supporters, it’s time for the smackdown. These are the five superpowers Marvel Superheroes rarely use.


Black Panther’s suit was readied with knockout gas. He could spray out the gas with the tip of his fingers alongside his famous vibranium claws.

Black Panther

We still don’t know if the writer had forgotten about this ability of Black Panther or if it wasn’t cool enough to qualify as a superpower. Instead, we know this was an excellent feature. Black Panther was originally the leader of the most developed technological society on Earth. Furthermore, his suit of armor came with pretty cool gigs and super cool features. During a battle with Fantastic Four, he used this powerful ability. But eventually, he forgot about it and never really used it afterwards. 


Even though The Sentry is immortal and invulnerable, he also possesses the superpower to control atoms.

The Sentry

It’s no wonder that The Sentry is one of Marvel’s finest creations as he can control other’s molecular structures. However, he has superhumanly acute senses. Also, he acquires the power to absorb energy from any matter/source, providing limitless energy. Apart from that, he can control his molecular structure to change the form between different states of matter.


The Silver Surfer is endowed with Power Cosmic who could sustain himself by converting matter into energy.

Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is a humanoid alien who has metallic skin. He can also travel through space with the help of his surfboard-like craft. However, neither he requires food, nor water, air, or sleep. Being intangible is one of his impressive abilities. After being in a war with Knull, he entered a state where he could detach and re-attach his spiritual form to others. This further evolved into celestial projections. However, they haven’t mentioned it often.


Tony Stark even added rollerblades to the boots of his Iron Man armor.

Tony Stark

Even after flying, Stark has been speculated with the rollerblades as if he would attend a Roller Derby. However, he hasn’t used this skill for decades. Maybe because it served no practical purpose for fighting scenes, this added feature later became a useless and funny addition to a classic suit.


Franklin is a reality-manipulating being with vast powers beyond what Omega level mutants possess.

Franklin Richards

Richards is the young son of Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four. He is infinitely powerful as he could create entire multiverses with ease. Moreover, he could restore villains and solve many problems to end wars. Franklin is powerful than most cosmic-level beings in the Marvel Universe. However, he invested his powers to build new universes to explore Reed’s Future Foundation.


So this was all about the superpowers that Superheroes have but rarely used. Which superpower do you admire the most? Let us know in the comment section.



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