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20 Best Superhero Movies Since Blade

Today we live in a world where superhero movie‘s popularity is at an all-time high, but how did it start? Subtly, a revolution began when Blade was released on August 21, 1998, earning more than $131 million worldwide. It normalized the idea of costumed heroes which was thought to be ludicrous. Here we have listed the 20 best superhero movies since Blade kicked off their modern comeback:

20) Hellboy (2004)

A demon grows up to become a defender against the forces of darkness who was raised from infancy after being conjured by and rescued from the Nazis.

19) X2: X-Men United (2003)

The X-Men must team up with their archenemy Magneto to stop Colonel William Stryker who kidnaps Professor X and attacks his school.

18) X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

The Wolverine must travel to the past to alter history and prevent an event that can result in a disaster for both mutants and humans.

17) Iron Man (2008)

After being held captive in an Afghan cave, Tony Stark creates a unique piece of technology that can power a weaponized armor which he uses to fight evil.

16) Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

The Hellboy is back and this time he must fight to stop a prince of the mythical world who starts a rebellion against humanity to take control of the Earth.

15) Punisher: War Zone (2008)

The Punisher, also known as Frank Castle, ruthlessly demolishes organized crime, but it leads to a bigger war.

14) Avengers: Endgame (2019)

The events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018) had left the universe in ruins. The remaining Avengers assemble once more in order to reverse Thanos’ actions and restore whatever he did.

13) Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Peter Parker must defeat a brilliant scientist named Doctor Otto Octavius while dealing with troubles in his failing personal life.

12) Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Peter Parker, an ordinary high school student in Queens, must balance his life as Spider-Man. He must prepare himself for a threat that is prowling the skies of New York City.

11) Iron Man 3 (2013)

A formidable terrorist called the Mandarin has torn apart Tony Stark’s life, he then sets on a journey of retribution and rebuilding.

10) Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

While Steve Rogers is already struggling to fit in the modern world, he must face a new threat from the past: an assassin known as the Winter Soldier. He then teams up with a fellow Avenger and S.H.I.E.L.D agent, Black Widow to put an end to this threat.

9) Superman Returns (2006)


Superman spends five years in space examining his homeworld Krypton, when he returns to Earth he realizes that things have changed while he was gone, and he must once again prove what he is capable of.

8) Batman Begins (2005)

After training with his mentor, Batman begins his fight to free the crime-ridden Gotham City from corruption.

7) The Incredibles (2004)

A family of undercover superheroes are living a quiet suburban life among normal beings but are forced into action to save the world.

6) The Avengers (2012)

Earth’s greatest superheroes must come together and fight as a team to stop the mischievous Loki and his alien army from enslaving humanity.

5) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Miles Morales becomes the Spider-Man of his universe and must team up with five spider-powered individuals from other dimensions to fight Kingpin who is putting all dimensions in danger.

4) The Dark Knight (2008)

Batman’s battle with Joker, after he causes chaos in Gotham City, poses as one of the greatest psychological and physical tests of Batman’s ability to fight injustice.

3) Unbreakable (2000)

After David walks away scratchless from a scary accident, he meets a man who helps him discover an extraordinary thing about him i.e. being “unbreakable”.

2) Logan (2017)

An elderly and weary Logan leads a quiet life in a world where mutants are nearly extinct. But when Laura, a mutant child pursued by scientists, comes to him for help, he must protect her.

1) Black Panther (2018)


The heir to the hidden but advanced kingdom of Wakanda, T’Challa. Under his leadership, his people are introduced to a new world and T’Challa must deal with a challenger from his country’s past.


Source: Vulture