5 Things Marvel Drastically Changed About Maya Lopez’s Echo Ahead of Alaqua Cox’s Debut Series

Alaqua Cox's Maya Lopez aka Echo had a lot of changes in the Disney+ live-action series.

5 Things Marvel Drastically Changed About Maya Lopez’s Echo Ahead of Alaqua Cox’s Debut Series


  • Marvel Cinematic Universe made a lot of changes in Maya Lopez aka Echo's story.
  • The character was first introduced in Disney+'s Hawkeye series.
  • Fans will discover Echo's powers in her upcoming solo show.
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Alaqua Cox debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Maya Lopez via Disney Plus’ Hawkeye series. Now that she’s getting her own solo show on the streaming platform, fans will now get a proper introduction to the once-obscure character.


There are still a lot of things about Maya Lopez’s backstory that Marvel Studios needs to explore, but like other shows in the franchise, some necessary changes were made to fit the storyline and to have her own narrative exclusively for the series.

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5. Maya Lopez Was The Original Ronin

Echo Alaqua Cox
Alaqua Cox as Echo

Marvel fans know that Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye became Ronin during the five-year gap caused by Thanos’ snap, but it was actually Maya Lopez who first embodied the character in the comics. She assisted the New Avengers, infiltrating and fighting the Hand and their works with Hydra. She passed on the role of Ronin to Clint Barton and gave him the iconic armor as a gift.

4. Kingpin Brainwashed Maya Lopez

maya lopez and kingpin
Maya Lopez and Kingpin

The role of Maya Lopez in the comics was originally to serve as a villain to Daredevil. Kingpin manipulated her into believing that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen murdered her father, thus taking the name Echo and exacting revenge on the famed vigilante. In the Hawkeye series, Echo blamed Ronin, aka Clint Barton, for the death of her father.

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3. Elektra Was Actually A Skrull

Elektra Natchios
Elektra Natchios

Maya Lopez’s notable encounter with Elektra was when she was revived by the Hand using dark magic to persuade her to join their team. When the drug completed its course, Echo turned her back on her team and assisted the Hand against the New Avengers. When they managed to get the drug out of her system, she retaliated and killed Elektra. Unfortunately, the villainess turned out to be a Skrull impersonating Elektra.

2. The Start Of Secret Invasion

skrulls captain marvel

With the discovery of Skrulls’ ability to impersonate humans, the Secret Invasion storyline was born. The looming threat of these creatures walking the Earth disguised as heroes and public figures became an alarming concern for the authorities.

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1. MCU Changed Maya Lopez’s Power

maya lopez echo powers
Maya Lopez as Echo

One of the major changes in Echo’s character saw her become the new host of the Phoenix Force. When the cosmic power entered the Earth, it staged a competition, and Maya Lopez was one of the many summoned to the White Hot Room. The upcoming Echo series will introduce her new powers, and fans will discover that once all five episodes arrive on Disney Plus this January 9, 2024.

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