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5 Things Venom Got Right (& 5 Things It Got Wrong)

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Regardless of an incredible performance from Tom Hardy, Venom was a hodgepodge. In any case, Sony’s comic book film about this Spider-Man reprobate has its great as well as terrible moments. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 was panned by the critics for its overstuffed plot and devised symbiote storyline, so Sony dropped the Venom film.

Years later, Sony revived the Venom project with Ruben Fleischer. The resulting movie was a mixed bag. Here we have compiled 5 things Venom creators got right as well as 5 things they got wrong.

1) Right: Tom Hardy’s Incredible Performance

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Tom Hardy’s depiction of Eddie Brock and his possession of the Venom symbiote was an incredible sight to see. Hardy apparently put together his presentation with respect to a blend of producer Woody Allen, UFC warrior Conor McGregor, and rapper Redman. This wacky mixed drink of impacts guaranteed that even the most unremarkable scenes in Venom were amusing to watch.

2) Wrong: The PG-13 Rating


Venom is one of the most fierce characters in the Marvel universe, and his movies ought to reflect that. With a PG-13 rating, the action in Venom felt nerfed. Despite the success of Deadpool and Logan, one would ask why Sony felt that they couldn’t go R-rated with Venom and rather avoid any and all risks with a PG-13 rating.

3) Right: Eddie And Venom’s Relationship


The film dealt with Eddie and Venom’s relationship like a sentiment — which led to a few watchers shipping the characters. Tom Hardy nailed the character. Eddie Brock is an alternate sort of hero whose powers aren’t his own; he gets them from the Venom symbiote, who is a totally discrete substance.

4) Wrong: Wasting Riz Ahmed


In Venom, Riz Ahmed plays Carlton Drake, a merciless businessman who wants to weaponize the symbiotes. It’s a similar nonexclusive one-note reprobate that the crowd finds in a dozen comic book films each year.

Riz Ahmed’s talent has finally been recognized by Hollywood in recent years, but his roles in blockbusters like Rogue OneJason Bourne, and indeed Venom, have completely wasted him.

5) Right: The Venom Look


In his own movie, the creators got the look of Venom right. He overshadowed his adversaries with smooth white eyes, sharp teeth, and a deadly pointy tongue.

Venom didn’t exactly look right in Spider-Man 3. He was too small and the manner in which Topher Grace played him was dreadfully ridiculous silly in the incorrect manner.

6) Wrong: Over-Explaining Symbiotes


Fans who read the comics already know about the symbiote and they don’t need to hear it again and fans who don’t read the comics don’t generally think about the symbiotes. In any case, watchers are simply hanging tight for the action. The first act is loaded up with work that over-clarifies the made-up study of the symbiotes.

7) Right: Riveting Action Sequences

venom7 2 1

The last fight was pretty generic, degenerating into a cutthroat battle between Venom and Riot that could’ve been taken from any old blockbuster, yet in general, Venom had invigorating action. Each scene in the movie is brought to life with the help of mind-boggling visual effects.

8) Wrong: Sidelining Michelle Williams


Michelle Williams has established herself as one of the greatest actors working today, as proven by her powerful performances in Brokeback MountainManchester by the Sea, and My Week with Marilyn, but she’s sidelined as the love interest in Venom. A concise look at She-Venom implied that she’ll have an energizing future in the franchise going ahead, however, her part in the first movie was tragically limited.

9) Right: Teasing Carnage In The Mid-Credits Scene


In Venom’s mid-credits scene, Woody Harrelson cameoed as Cletus Kasady, as Eddie drove out to jail to talk to him for a piece he was working on. This indicated that in the future film, Venom will go head to head against his most despised foe, Carnage.

While it would’ve been enjoyable to see Carnage in the first movie, the commitment to reveal Venom’s beginning story supplanted it. Now that Venom’s origin story out of the way, the sequel can make a plunge directly into the action with Venom’s most noteworthy adversary.

10) Wrong: No Spider-Man


Indeed, even a minor appearance by Spidey, not exactly the current one played by Tom Holland, would’ve implied a ton to fans.

Legal issues with Marvel may have forestalled Sony from including Spider-Man in the Venom film, however, in any case, there’s no rejecting that Venom isn’t as fascinating without his association with Spidey.


Source: ScreenRant

Written by Farhan Asif

19-year-old video-game freak pursuing computer science, also a content writer at FandomWire