7 Remakes Of ’90s Movies & Shows That Desecrated Their Legacies

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Remakes are often tricky to nail. The shows usually already have a great fan base which is why creators decide to create a remake. The shows from the 1990s have a special place in our hearts, and they always will. They transformed pop culture for years to come, and we have great nostalgia associated with many of them. And fortunately, some of these revisited us in different versions, but some were better off the charts. So, here we are with 7 remakes of the ’90s movies & shows that desecrated their legacies:


1. Baywatch (2017): The series released in the ’90s was one of its kind. It had some fine actors like David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, Jaason Simmons, Yasmine Bleeth, and many more. They played the lifeguards, and let’s be honest; we loved watching them run on the beach. Unfortunately, however, the movie 2017 was nothing related to the show and was quite mediocre.

Baywatch remake didn't make it through '90s movies & shows
Baywatch remake didn’t make it through

2. Total Recall (2012)- The 1990’s version of it was incredible, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the lead. Looking back at director Paul Verhoeven’s work with the movie, the science-fiction doesn’t compel us any less. However, its remake, directed by Len Wiseman, didn’t have the same eclectic touch to it. 

Total Recall (2012) remake
The remake was directed by Len Wiseman

3. Flatliners (2017): The original movie was released in 1990 and was a thriller. It followed a group of medical students who did bizarre experiments in order to find out more about death and the afterlife. While conducting these experiments, they start seeing ghosts and their long-hidden secrets. However, its remake has very little connection to the original film, although there are credible performances by Elliot Page.

Flatliners (2017)
A group of medical students perform bizarre experiments.

4. Power Rangers (2017): We are sure all the 90s kids reading this will agree that we enjoyed watching the show so much that we wanted to be one too. Yes, its remake after so many years seemed tempting, but the movie might disappoint you. The five rangers are reimagined, and even their nemesis, Rita Repulsa. However, the movie involves more into their personal lives rather than the action sequences and is not quite the same.

Power Rangers The remake was nowhere near the original '90s movies & shows
The remake was no where near the original

5. Point Break (2015): The original 1991 movie was directed by Kathryn Bigelow and starred Keanu Reeves as an undercover cop and Patrick Swayze as a thief. He joins a gang of junkies and bank robbers. The movie was critically acclaimed and loved by the fans simultaneously. The movie’s fan following led to its remake; however, it has a meaningless brooding and low-on-adrenaline action.

Point Break It has a meaningless brooding and low-on-adrenaline action. '90s movies & shows
It has a meaningless brooding and low-on-adrenaline action.

6. The Powerpuff Girls (2016): The original animated series is most 90s kids one of their favorite cartoon shows. It had clever humor and had one of the best action sequences. There was a 2016 reboot of the series that was supposed to bring back the same nostalgia. However, the animated series lasted for only three seasons and wasn’t very well received by the old-school fans.

The Powerpuff Girls reboot '90s movies & shows
The Powerpuff Girls: 2016 reboot

7. Rush Hour (2016): Rush Hour series, starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, had the best of all worlds. It had rib-tickling comedy scenes and glued-to-seats action sequences. Furthermore, the chemistry between the leads took the franchise to a different level. Unfortunately, the 2016 reboot show failed to recreate all that and turned out to be the least impressive.

Rush Hour The 2016 reboot turned out to be the least impressive. '90s movies & shows
The 2016 reboot turned out to be the least impressive.

These remakes of ’90s shows & movies were not able to hit us with the same nostalgia and didn’t give justice to the original plot and characters. Let us what you think.


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