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9 DC Animated Universe Villain Fates So Gruesome Even Death Would’ve Been A Kinder Choice

The DC Animated Universe has given us some truly dark tales. Some villain fates are so grim we wish them death to end their suffering.

Forced To Sleep With One Eye Open Forever

In batman: the animated Series, Edward Nygma was once a video game designer working under Daniel Mockridge. Mockridge fired Nygma because he didn’t want to pay any royalties to him. Nygma returns two years later in his Riddler avatar, captures Mockridge and puts him through a deadlier version of the original Minotaur game. Batman foils his plans but Nygma vows to return and finish what he started. Mockridge is later seen sleeping with a shotgun, checking up every crevice and shadow before he goes to sleep.

A Body Ravaged By Drug Addiction


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Bane’s venom turns him into a meta-human. But in Batman beyond, we see how bad the long term effects of the super drug were on his body. His body is now stuck to life support machines, his biological systems ravaged by constant exposure to the inhuman drug.

Just Being Clayface


Matt Hagen was a talented actor who got in deep with the Mob. They used his disguising abilities to frame Bruce Wayne. Hagen used a special clay that made his skin very malleable. When the Mob found no use of him, they poured the remaining clay into his mouth, turning him into Clayface.




Edwin Alva, the person responsible for the Bang babies in Static Shock, had a rather vindictive son – Alva Junior. Junior decided the quickest way to get back to his father was attacking his assets with a suit containing pellets of Bang Baby gas that give him various powers. When he used all of them at once, his body overclocked and literally turned into stone. he was still alive though.

Fused To Earth As a Living Corpse

Bane Batman Beyond

In Batman Beyond, the villain known as Earth-Mover was once a businessman who was accidentally trapped in a mine shaft containing radioactive waste. He lost touch with the outside world, spending decades to use the husk of a corpse he has to control the earth around him. A pretty gnarly fate!

Forever Alone As The Last Of His Kind


Tygrus was a genetically modified cat-human hybrid created by Doctor Emil Dorian. He even got Selina Kyle kidnapped and turned her into a cat person so that Tygrus had a companion for life. In the end, Tygrus chose Selina to return back to normal and for him to live a life of solitude forever.

Turned Into Joker Junior


In Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker, we discover the tragic backstory of Tim Drake. In his days as Robin, he was captured and tortured by the Joker, who brainwashed him into insanity. Drake turned into a mini-Joker, a persona that remained repressed till years before it resurfaced again.

Eternal Life – But As A Very, Very Old Man


Mordred – Morgan Le Fay’s son, was blessed with eternal life by his mother. The teenage Mordred double-crossed her mother by using the Amulet of First Magic to banish all adults. But when coaxed by the Justice League, Mordred used the same Amulet to become an adult, undoing his mother’s spell. he was still blessed with eternal life but no eternal youth.


Stuck In A Coma With A Permanent Earworm


John Dee is a convict who use a machine to enhance his psychic abilities. Now as Doctor Destiny, he can access people’s dreams and nightmares, driving them insane. He gets to the entire Justice League except Batman. When trying to inject Batman with a powerful sedative, Destiny accidentally injects himself with it. Now in a coma, he is stuck humming the same tune forever Batman hummed to block Destiny out.

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