9 Epic Glitches In Grand Theft Auto Games, Ranked By How Hilarious They Are

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GTA or Grand Theft Auto is known for several things, first, known for the freedom, violence, fun story elements, and numerous glitches in the process of the story that it provides to players. These bugs are pretty symbolic.


Cut scenes are interrupted by Cars. While the player is driving on the freeway in GTA, the player accidentally encounters an NPC car that broods inside each other, stacks and sparks, and both cars start smoking and eventually explode. It’s also possible for cars to get wedged half on the ground, half below the ground, usually at a 45-degree angle.

Cut scenes Interrupted by Cars
GTA – Cars spawned

Oversized Cars mainly occur in GTA III when the player moves quickly from side to side. For some reason, this widens the car until it occupies more than one lane. In the end, it looks like a tire gets caught in the car. These do not entirely interrupt the game but are reasons for a few accidents that can cause entertainment or frustration.

Oversize Cars
The over-sized cars appearing in Grand Theft Auto game

Glitch where physics plays no role: Did you ride your bike and hit the car? At least according to “GTA: The Trilogy,” that is no big deal. CJ is seen wiped out by his oncoming car as it crashes into him. He is launched into the sky, flying straight into a traffic light, and bouncing directly into concrete. The traffic light goes crazy, but CJ recovers within seconds. For some reason, cars change from driving smoothly on the road to flying in the sky and spinning incredibly fast.

Physics defying cars
Physics had no role in Grand Theft Auto glitches

It’s fun to see the characters in GTA: The Trilogy trying to navigate a confusing world, but nothing is more interesting than some people themselves. From stretched fingers to weird ones, many graphical mutations distort your character tremendously—a gorgeous arm for people twisted in the shape of a cartoon turtle.

Characters are way funnier than glitches
Grand Theft Auto – Character’s Wiggly arms

Invincible pedestrian- As Carl tries to drive over pedestrians, they will pass through, shimmer, and distort disproportionately. If Carl somehow drops an invincible pedestrian into the body of water, the pedestrian does not perform a drowning action but a pursuit action against the player.

Invincible pedestrian confusion
Pedestrian don’t die in Grand Theft Auto

The Killer Trains is another weird bug that appears only in the GTA III. Civilians are trying to get on the train, fall between the ground and the train, and die. But it’s not just one or two civilians that perish, but many have been victims of this train.


Throughout the state, planes collide with tall objects. These planes appear unnoticed and one may have enough time to avoid them. Airplanes near the player may also hit the ground head-on, killing the player or destroying the vehicle. The strange thing about these crashes is that when inspecting a destroyed plane, it looks like there are no pilots.

Plane Crashes for unknown reasons
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Plane Crash

Flying trains in In the snail trail mission. When the player follows one of the freight trains, it flies. The train starts at the Cranberry Station and flies on the map until it reaches the Red Circle track where it starts again.

Flying trains
Grand Theft Auto flying train San Andreas

At random points in the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Remaster, some civilians and cars are floating in the air for no reason. Furthermore, NPCs are permanently tied, and follow players by floating around them. This bug is both creepy and funny since everyone can be surprised by it.

 Floating cars and characters
Cars flying through the sky




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