9 Times Ghost Rider Proved He’s The Original G.O.A.T Of The Marvel Universe

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We talk of Thor, tell tales of Captain Marvel. We rave about the Hulk and Scarlet Witch. But the original GOAT of Marvel comics will always be Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance.


Took a Punch From The Hulk To The Face. Didn’t Even Blink

Robbie Reyes is one of the many Ghost Riders of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Unlike the other Ghost Riders, Robbie Reyes is possessed by the ghost of Eli Morrow, a serial killing Satan worshipper and hit-man. He is not possessed by a biblical spirit of vengeance. But does it mean he is less powerful? Hell no!! Robbie Reyes’ abilities are, in fact, better than a regular Ghost Rider’s. He possesses durability not even Johnny Blaze could boast of in his Ghost Rider form. When Amadeus Cho became the Totally Awesome Hulk, he fought Robbie Reyes in a one on one duel. The fist punch he threw at the Ghost Rider’s face did not even make the Rider move an inch. He was unamused and disappointed with the power of the Hulk. Imagine, someone actually thought the freaking Hulk was weaker than he had imagined.


Outsmarted Mephisto. Became The King Of Hell

This happened during the Doctor Strange: Damnation comic book arc. The Demon Lord of Hell – Mephisto, had enacted plans to literally bring hell on earth. And Doctor Strange had amassed a group of supernatural and magic based heroes, including the Ghost Rider, to stop him. Mephisto outsmarted the Sorcerer Supreme. He also tricked the Spirit of Vengeance into leaving Johnny Blaze’s body. But that was Johnny’s plan all along. He then tricked Mephisto into killing him, sneding his soul to hell, the same place the now relieved spirit of vengeance resided after departing Blaze’s body. In hell, Johnny forged a new contract with Zarathos, became the Ghost Rider, and usurped Mephisto to become Hell’s new Demon Lord. Not many heroes can boast of outsmarting the most cunning being in the entire universe.

Killed Thanos With a Single Stare


Legions of heroes have tried to do it and failed. The Mad Titan, as the MCU has shown us, is nigh unstoppable. Thanos should consider himself lucky the MCU does not have the Ghost Rider yet. Because the Battle of Wakanda would have been over before you know it. After Frank castle becomes the Cosmic Ghost Rider, he travels back in time to kidnap Baby Thanos and raise him as a force for good. That plan turns out to be a bust. Thanos grows up to become the same mass murderer Castle had encountered in the future. So the Ghost Rider does what he does best. He grabs Thanos by the neck, and gives him one good stare. The Penance stare reduces Thanos’ head to a skull.

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Literally Rode a Dead Celestial


The Ghost Rider is powered by the mystical and inextinguishable hell-fire. Hell-fire has many magical properties that defy any form of explanation. The Rider can use hell-fire and imbue it in objects and vehicles, augmenting their attributes. A hell-fire imbued chain and shotgun are a hundred times more powerful. The Ghost Rider can also imbue hell-fire on vehicles and animals like a Wooly Mammoth or a Horse. But have you ever seen the ghost Rider ride a dead celestial’s corpse? After coming across the dead body of a Celestial, the Ghost Rider infused his hell-fire into its armor, powering it up and controlling it from the inside. Not just a bike, the Ghost Rider can even ride a celestial if need be!!

Caught Bullets With His Teeth

It might not be the most OG powerful of feats. But it is still so damn cool to think about. Before the Ghost Rider became an agent of doom and chaos, traveling from one world or dimension to another, he was a rather street level superhero. He admonished his own brand of justice on thugs and criminals. In one of those street level adventures, the Ghost Rider was shot at from point blank range. He caught the bullet with his teeth. The act terrified the gunman so much he almost pissed his pants.


Singlehandedly Took Down The Annihilation Wave

Annihilus and his massive planet ending horde – the Annihilation Wave, are termed to be the greatest weapon the Marvel Comic Book Universe has ever seen. like a never ending band of world eating locusts, the annihilation Wave devours and leaves nothing in its trail. Many heroes like Nova and Adam Warlock have fallen to the Annihilation Wave’s wrath. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the Annihilation Wave never met the Ghost Rider in battle during the Annihilation arc. Because is the comic books, the Rider managed to defeat the entire Annihilation wave with a single hellfire blast.

Created a Hellfire Explosion So Powerful It Destroyed a Whole Country


Alejandra Jones is the daughter of a human trafficker and an as of yet unknown Mexican woman. She was taken in by a secret cult in Nicaragua along with many children to become potential hosts to the next Ghost Rider. Alejandra has many unique abilities not seen in the previous Ghost Riders. Apart from the ability to open portals and manipulate lightning, another Godlike ability Alejandra’s ghost Rider has is the ability to create a powerful Hellfire infused explosion. The explosion can very easily wipe out a single state. Captain Marvel, after looking at the resulting crater, thought a nuke had exploded in the region.

Pisses On The Mad Titan’s Decapitated corpse

The Ghost Rider mantle has been occupied by many people. One of the more interesting Ghost Riders was Frank Castle aka the Punisher. After being defeated by Thanos, Castle watched the universe fall to the Mad Titan’s wrath. He made a deal with Mephisto and became the Ghost Rider to escape death. After being imbued with the Power Cosmic, the Cosmic Ghost Rider became a servant to Thanos. But it was all in an effort to defeat Thanos. When Castle finally got the chance to kill Thanos, he did it in his own peculiar style. After beheading Thanos, the Cosmic Ghost Rider ensured the Mad Titan remains dead by literally pissing hellfire on his dead body.


Fights The Green Scar Hulk

The Hulk had grown alarmingly powerful after absorbing an impossible amount of gamma energy prior to the events of World War Hulk. After landing on Earth and wreaking havoc via the help of his Warbound, the Hulk decimated a major chunk of New York. Only two superhumans were thought to have the physical and mental attributes strong enough to defeat the Green scar version of Hulk. The options for Earth were the Sentry and Ghost Rider.

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The Ghost Rider was sent to deal with Hulk first. He did a pretty good job of keeping the Hulk occupied. The Green scar was even surprised the Ghost Rider could survive after taking so many of his punches. The Hulk was coming at him with full force, without pulling any of his strikes. The Ghost Rider kept standing back up and returning to finish the fight. In the end, the Hulk realized the only way to defeat the Ghost Rider was by placing an obedience disk on him.

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