“A great game is a great game”: God of War Director Wants PS5 Users to Buy Xbox Game Pass, Play Starfield

God of War Director Wants PS5 Users to Buy Xbox Game Pass, Play Starfield

Starfield has been heavily praised for its immersive narrative and stunning visuals with the gaming community helming the game as one of the best games to release this year, and, although the game has seen a few bugs and glitches, the gamers have embraced it and are enjoying the game. Starfield has now found a new fan in David Jaffe, the director of the renowned PlayStation title God of War.

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God of War Director Urges Everyone to Get a Game Pass and Play Starfield

Bethesda's Starfield
Bethesda’s Starfield

David Jaffe’s admiration for Starfield says so much about the game’s potential. It has only been out for a week and has been praised for its fantastic locations and the New Game Plus mode. David Jaffe took to X, formerly Twitter, and shared his admiration for the game saying that it is a great game and that even if players do not have an Xbox console, they need to get the Game Pass for a month and try the game.

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He added that players can also just use the cloud to play the game as it has become his top 3 games of all time and is worth experiencing. He said that players should trust him as they have found in the past that his and their game taste is similar enough.

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David Jaffe Calls for the End of Console Wars

Starfield has made waves in the gaming industry since its announcement in 2018 and now that the game is finally out, it is being recommended by every fan and critic. David Jaffe also said that players should not let certain console ‘war’ keep them away from the amazing game and if players love single-player action-adventure games, they owe it to themselves to play the game. With the praise from the God of War director, the game has piqued more interest and this could take the game to new players.

Starfield is now available on Xbox Series X|S and PC

Xbox executives have also backed the game on various occasions for their decisions and game designs such as keeping some of the planets empty and barren. In a world, where there is such strong rivalry between Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox, this appreciation from a popular face tells a lot about the game. Starfield has been released as a day-one title on Game Pass and there is no better time than now for gamers to dive into the game and traverse through the stars.`

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