“A movie…nobody will see”: The Flash Director On Nicolas Cage’s ‘Superman Lives’ Cameo

The Flash Director On Nicolas Cage's 'Superman Lives' Cameo
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The Flash has finally hit the screens and it has definitely been a long time coming. Ezra Miller bagged the role back in 2014 and it took nine years for them to finally get their own solo outing. Director Andy Muschietti has done a fantastic job of delivering the film with his own unique sense of storytelling. 


It is a well-known fact that WB and DC studios are going through some jinx to position themselves firmly in the live-action DC sphere. With maximum efforts put into it, to their dismay, the film opened to mixed reviews. With Miller’s personal life fiascos to seemingly unfinished visuals, it was an impending setback.

It’s a rather bumpy journey of Miller’s Flash saving the day, or did they really?


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The Flash
The Flash

The Flash And The Mixed Bag Of Cameos

In a recent episode of Discourse podcast from The Playlist, Andy Muschietti opened up about his attempt at making the film and the cameos that it had. One rather interesting cameo was from Nicolas Cage as Superman which the IT director had spoiled weeks before the film’s official release. 

He has been vocal about working with Cage someday, never expecting it would happen like this, for just a couple of minutes.


We shared how excited we had been to showcase his Superman that was never done. He is an incredibly kind person and showed support for us to go forward with it. So we put him in his suit, and it was done by the same designer that worked on his never-done Superman lives.

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Nicholas Cage as Superman
Nicholas Cage as Superman

When asked what about the people that don’t know that Nic Cage was almost Superman once, he went on to say – 

“In my opinion, the film would have been great, but that’s a movie nobody will see because no one made it. But he is definitely somewhere in the multiverse.”

What Happened With The Flash’s Visuals

Upon watching the film, we could see a lot of scenes that were definitely a die-hard fan’s dream come true. With Ben Affleck’s Batman riding his Bat motorcycle during the chase scene, and Michael Keaton’s Batman displaying his panache in his Batwing, it was all majestic. 


But, it is also evident that the VFX work was not optimum and polished on all fronts. Muschietti however defended the visuals saying –

“Everything is kind of distorted in terms of textures and light. It is all Barry’s own perspective, this ‘water world’ is all Barry’s POV. So, it was intended that way which is why it looks a little weird.”

Still from The Flash
Still from The Flash

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For now, Muschietti has been officially assigned to tackle The Brave and the Bold. According to Gunn, the casting process is far ahead.


The Flash has released on June 16 worldwide and is currently in cinemas.

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