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Actors Who Died During Their Production And Their Death Was Made In Their TV Shows And Movies

1. To Start, Carrie Fisher’s sudden demise in the year 2016 was made into Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker when Leia expired straight after reaching out to Kylo Ren for one last time.

Carrie Fisher's death: What we know now

Carrie had died even before The Rise of Skywalker began to film, so the unused footage from The Force Awakens was used to create Leia’s final scenes before her death.

2. Carrie’s result of death was later written into Family Guy and Catastrophe.

Family Guy' buries Carrie Fisher's character, honors late 'Star Wars' actress with emotional eulogy | Fox News

Her role of, Angela on Family Guy, was said to have gone under. Secondly, on Catastrophe, her character named Mia, expired during the finale of Season 4, and so the whole of the episode had to mainly focus on her death and funeral. In fact, Catastrophe has been seen to be Carrie’s last TV character, from the time she had completed filming Season 3 just earlier to her death.

3.The star from The West Wing, John Spencer upsettingly had his death in the year 2005 in between the last season of the series, and a special episode which honored his life, as well as his character, was later made.

The West Wing: “Requiem” --- More of a Celebration, Really | 25YL

On The West Wing, Leo had to put up with a heart attack and died the same night when Santos had won the presidential election. The episode called “Requiem” was a kind of a tribute to John and his role. John was also remembered during The West Wing reunion in the year 2020.

4. Cory Monteith upsettingly expired in the year 2013 in the middle of playing his role as Finn Hudson on Glee. The series had Finn die off the screen and so the show had to end the story tributing to Cory.

Goodbye Finn Hudson: Glee fans mourn Cory Monteith's death ~ The Meridian Post

Manufacturing on Glee and the start of Season 5 had a setback and got late due to the death of Cory so they could write The Quarterback and consider out a way how to say a bye as role players and as a cast along with a crew.

5.Will Lee, who had the character of a store owner named Mr. Hooper on the show, Sesame Street, had his death in 1982, and the whole series had to use this cause of his death  to make a new special episode in which they tributed it to him and it is called “Goodbye, Mr. Hooper.”

Sesame History: Farewell to Mr. Hooper - The MuppetCast

In this episode, which was officially available a year after Will’s death, Big Bird came to terms with never again being able to have a look at  Mr. Hooper.

6. John Ritter demised in the year 2003 when he was presenting as the loved Paul Hennessy on 8 Simple Rules, and so his role as a character had to die too in the series.

30+ 8 Simple Rules ideas | simple rules, john ritter, teenage daughters

John had shot the first three episodes of Season 2 much earlier before he expired. The series took a break after his demise and took a  return with the episode named Goodbye, in which everything was all about his sudden death.

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7. Naya Rivera’s demise in 2020 will be affecting the upcoming season of Step Up because Naya’s role was played as a major part of the season, but now it had to be written all over again.

Step Up' On Starz: The Series the Late Naya Rivera Left Behind – Deadline

The whole storyline for the new season that was about to come was already written, but due to the sudden demise of Naya, the new season had to undergo many changes and so the whole process had got delayed.

8. The star from Gilmore Girls, Edward Herrmann had the final exit in the year 2014, and his demise was written into the Netflix restart, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Edward Herrmann, 'Gilmore Girls' and 'Lost Boys' Actor, Dies at 71

On Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, we get to know that Richard had suddenly expired and Emily, Lorelai, and Rory are unable to recover from the loss and are in a state of mourning. We even tend to see Richard’s funeral in Winter.

9.After the death of Luke Perry in 2019, his character on the show Riverdale was also killed off the screen as shown in an accident during the launch of Season 4.

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During the launch of Season 4, Archie grasps that his dad had expired when he tried to help a woman who had her car stuck on one side of the path. Luke’s dear friend and costar Shannen Doherty had a guest appearance in this episode.

10.Debbie Reynolds’ demise in the year 2016 was surprisingly only a single day after Carrie Fisher had died.

Debbie Reynolds Speaks Out After 'Beloved and Amazing' Daughter Carrie Fisher's Death - ABC News

On Will and Grace, Grace clearly states that Debbie’s role, Bobbi, had died and she is still demolished by that irreplaceable loss of life. Debbie had died before Will and Grace had come back for the relaunch, but in between Season 9, the writers had written down an episode in the honor which concentrated on Grace going back home to have fun at Bobbi’s birthday after her demise. Also, in the final season, Grace and her niece Fiona, whose character was done by Debbie’s granddaughter and Carrie Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd, both have a split second where they tend to remember Bobbi.
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