Actors Who Just Seem Batsh*t Crazy To Us All

Most of the time actors present themselves to be the best people. But some of them really are not. Many of them are great actors and have done some memorable roles, but sometimes they aren’t as cool as their acting skills. Be it the stress of their jobs, personal issues, or having a hard time handling fame. Whatever the reason might be some actors have had some breakdown moment and just seem batsh*t crazy to us all. Here are a few names that top the list of crazy actors in Hollywood.

Russell Crowe is just crazy

Russell Crowe is one the crazy actors
Russell Crowe

When it comes to the actors who failed to hide their craziest side from the public, Russell Crowe has to top the list. Famous for his roles of Maximus in Gladiator and Officer Bud White in L.A. Confidential, he has some serious anger issues. He has been in the news for a number of fights and violent behaviors. But none tops the event from 2005 where he chucked a phone at Hotel Concierge when the staff did not let him place a phone call. Another of his outrageous acts include calling the producer of Gladiator in the middle of the night and threatening to take his life. He did so because he felt that the producer was short-changing his assistants. The producer got him removed from the film.

Charlie Sheen is the craziest among the crazy

Charlie Sheen is one the crazy actors
Charlie Sheen

Talking about crazy actors without Charlie Sheen‘s name popping up is almost impossible. The actor is known for his outrageous behaviors on set. And it is one of the biggest reasons why he does not get cast anymore. Charlie Sheen was one of the leading actors of his time, but then his fame engulfed him. His on-set behavior made him reach the headline and not in a positive light. He even started substance abuse during the 90s. Also, shot his fiance in the arm before she broke off the engagement. Because success came too early for him, he started to consider himself big. That is what ruined him eventually.

Tom Cruise seems cool just in his movies

Tom Cruise is one of the crazy actors
Tom Cruise

The famous actor, Tom Cruise, is widely loved for his looks and movies is not as sane. There is so much controversy about his crazy behavior that is impossible to put them all on one list. Among the most famous ones is the time when his video of jumping on Oprah’s sofa went viral in 2005. And his crazy love for Scientology is another reason why most would just avoid a conversation with him. His belief in Scientology made him call psychiatry a pseudoscience. Only if he believed in it, it would have helped the actor more.

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Gary Busey is just another crazy from Hollywood

Gary Busey is one of the crazy actors
Gary Busey

One of the most famous actors, not just for acting also for acting like a lunatic in public. After the accident in 1988 that caused severe brain damage, it seemed the actor lost all inhibitions. He has had quite a few run-ins with the law, took drugs, and even faced charges of spousal abuse. One of the craziest incidents that were caught on camera was when he yelled at an eleven-year-old. Yes, he yelled at the little girl when she asked him for advice to deal with the law. He made to poor kid repeat her question and then only rant his frustration about other celebrities.

Shia LaBeouf is one of the crazy actors

Shia LaBeouf one of the crazy actors
Shia LaBeouf

Becoming an actor at a young age, Shia LaBeouf has been surrounded by controversies all his life. He has been arrested numerous times for fighting with celebrities on multiple occasions. One of the most controversial crazy acts by the actor has to be when he punched a white nationalist and a fan claiming it is art. Also, his ex-girlfriend, singer FKA Twigs accused him of abuse, which he denied but after this many of his exes spoke up about similar behavior with them. He denied too many of them.

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