Alan Wake 2: Remedy Entertainment Confirms New Feature to Impress Fans as Horror Sequel Desperate to Recoup Development Cost

Looks like Alan Wake 2 fans would be getting a much awaited in-game feature very soon.

Alan Wake 2: Remedy Entertainment Confirms New Feature to Impress Fans as Horror Sequel Desperate to Recoup Development Cost


  • Alan Wake 2 is a multiple award winning survival horror game from Remedy.
  • This game is one of the best looking video games that have released in recent times.
  • Yet it is missing one of the most common features found in most video games nowadays.
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Alan Wake 2 launched for a new generation of consoles and PC back in 2023. This new survival horror game featured the same excellent storytelling that developer Remedy is known for. To add to it, they combined it with some new exciting gameplay mechanics; it even featured a parallel story that allowed players to control more than one character.


Remedy did not leave any stone unturned to make sure this game was a success. To top it all up, Alan Wake 2 is one of the best-looking games that have launched in recent times. Its path-tracing is still giving some of the most powerful PCs a run for their money. Yet, it lacks one very basic feature, which Remedy suggests they will be adding soon.

Alan Wake 2 would finally get a photo mode later this year

Alan Wake 2 won three awards at The Game Awards 2023.
Alan Wake 2 artwork showing the protagonists.

God of War: Ragnarok was a massive hit, and when that game launched, everyone was fawning over its environments and how good they looked. Everywhere players looked, they saw something incredible, but how do you show that to your friends or the internet? You use the photo mode; just turn it on, select your frames and filters, and save that screenshot.


And not just God of War, but Spider-Man 2, Cyberpunk 2077, etc. Many such games have featured a photo mode. In fact, it has become so common that any triple-A game that releases without this feature surprises gamers.

Yet, Alan Wake 2 missed this train. Developer Remedy somehow just skipped this very common feature in their latest game. It’s a shame too, given the fact that they have created such a beautiful game that it would no doubt hurt not to be able to show it off.

But now, months after the release of their survival horror game, Remedy has finally awakened. They have now realized it is needed and have announced that the photo mode will be added to Alan Wake 2 later this year. More precisely, it would be added to the game via a free update “somewhere around spring.”

The New Game Plus mode for Alan Wake 2 will give fans a good reason to return to the Dark Place once again.
A still from Alan Wake 2

Remedy did something similar with the New Game Plus mode too. They added it to Alan Wake 2 in December 2023. This feature was added to the game as part of an update known as The Final Draft.

This was not just a mere NG Plus either; they added a bunch of new features to this game through this update. It added some new dialogues, changed the timings for the jump scares, a bunch of new manuscripts, and a bunch of other small things that enhanced the player’s second playthrough.

They sure knew how to do a New Game Plus mode, right? It remains to be seen if Remedy does anything special with the upcoming photo mode or not. They have a mind for creativity and doing things in an interesting manner, after all.


Is Remedy doing this to boost Alan Wake 2 sales?

Run away when outnumbered or outgunned in Alan Wake 2. Fight later, when better prepared.
A still from Alan Wake 2

It’s pretty well known by now that Remedy’s latest survival horror spectacle missed its sales target by a mile. In fact, the game struggled to even earn back its development costs. One can’t help but wonder if Remedy keeps adding these new features to keep gamers interested and see if the sales take a turn for the better.

While it is hard to say if a photo mode can even change someone’s mind into buying a game, stranger things have happened. And it’s not as if Alan Wake 2 is a bad game; it’s an excellent survival horror experience. Anyone who loved Resident Evil 4 Remake would have a blast with it. Let’s see how it grows, though.


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