Late Night with the Devil Looks Set to be Every Part of an Alan Wake Film we Could Ever Wish For

This is everything we would look for in an Alan Wake Movie, even the casting.

Late Night with the Devil Looks Set to be Every Part of an Alan Wake Film we Could Ever Wish For


  • Upcoming horror movie, Late Night with the Devil shares several similarities with the Alan Wake franchise and fans are here for it.
  • The found footage psychological horror may be the closest thing to an Alan Wake movie we'll see.
  • Some fans of the popular franchise would love to see David Dastmalchian cast as Alan Wake.
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It may be some time before we see Alan Wake coming to our TV screens. Given the current trend of video games being picked up and adapted to the screen, fans of the cult franchise are desperate to see this being brought to life, and rightly so. Given the storyline and the psychological terrors that accompany the game, it is easily one game that could be successful.


Despite AMC buying the rights to the game franchise to develop it into a television series, we have heard very little regarding this and hopefully, it doesn’t descend into development limbo, never to be heard of again. However, looking at a recent trailer for an upcoming horror movie, fans of the franchise may see similarities to the much-loved Alan Wake games.

The closest film to Alan Wake we’ve seen?

Alan Wake
Shades of Alan Wake with the upcoming horror movie, Late Night with the Devil?

Watching the official trailer for Late Night with the Devil, you can’t help but glean similarities with the Alan Wake games. There is a psychological undertone that instantly draws you to the Remedy game franchise and certain shots in the trailer would not seem out of place in the video game itself.


Much like Alan Wake, the upcoming horror movie is said to have some exciting plot twists and we know how important these were to the success of the video game. Watching the trailer, you can’t help but have the same eerie vibe when first playing the video game, so it is no surprise that comparisons are made.

David Dastmalchian is a master of his craft and he has that same sinister look that he has been renowned for in other movies. Could we see him take up the mantle of the troubled writer Alan Wake in the future?

What happened to the Alan Wake TV show?

Alan Wake
How long will it be before we see the Alan Wake TV series?

With AMC purchasing the rights to the Alan Wake franchise and confirming that it would be turned into a TV series, there is undoubted excitement amongst fans who want to see this adapted for the screen. However, at the time of writing, there is very little known about this project.


Despite the acquisition taking place back in 2022, there have been no announcements from AMC about the development. This unfortunately isn’t sitting well with the large fanbase which the video game has and there are those in the community who have speculated that we may never see this come to fruition.

Whilst it may be some time before we see a live-action adaptation of Alan Wake, the upcoming horror featuring David Dastmalchian is probably the closest thing to it in recent years. Many fans would no doubt love to see Dastmalchian cast as the protagonist in the popular franchise and given the strength of the actor, it would be as seen a great choice.

What are your thoughts on the latest news? Do you agree that David Dastmalchian could be a great casting as Alan Wake? Get in touch, drop us a comment, and let us know your thoughts.


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