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“All DC Titles fall under our purview”: James Gunn Clarifies He Saved Joker, The Batman from Being Axed after DCU Chapter One Announcement

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Months after taking over as the co-CEOs of DC Studios, James Gunn and Peter Safran revealed the first chapter of their DC plan. The duo shared that they are planning to introduce some new DC characters with the first chapter of their DCU slate. The co-CEOs also shared that they are not planning to intervene with DC projects like Matt Reeves’ The Batman and Todd Phillips’ Joker. Gunn termed these movies as DC Elseworlds while sharing how the new plan will be incorporated with the ongoing DC projects.

DC Studios co-CEO, James Gunn
DC Studios co-CEO, James Gunn

While many saw a ray of hope for the DCU, others still held a grudge against the Peacemaker director’s decision to remove Henry Cavill as Superman. This also led to a discussion on why he did not cancel the other DC projects like The Batman and Joker. And as usual, Gunn took to Twitter to answer curious people’s questions on this subject of discussion.

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James Gunn Clears Out DC Fans’ Misconception

Earlier this week, the release date for The Batman sequel was finally announced. As fans started thanking James Gunn for approving a sequel to the 2022 Matt Reeves film, some started claiming that the new DC Studios’ co-CEO had no control over The Batman and Joker.

James Gunn
James Gunn

One Twitter user said that Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav had put this one condition for anyone who would be leading the new DCU. The user claimed that the Suicide Squad director had no control over canceling or approving The Batman or Joker sequels as it was already approved before he took over as the co-CEO with Peter Safran.

The Batman and Joker would remain untouched no matter who Zazlav would bring to lead DC Films, it was one of his conditions,” the Twitter user said. As always, James Gunn took the responsibility to clear out the misconception as he answered the user.

In his reply, Gunn clarified that he has the authority for all DC projects. He said, “A lot of people think that’s true because of early (incorrect) reporting, but all DC titles fall under our purview.” 

The Batman (2022)
The Batman (2022)

Questions have been raised over the continuation of Robert Pattinson’s The Batman and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Before Gunn revealed the new DC slate, it was assumed that the studio would not cancel the anticipated sequels due to their box office performances and the critical response.

So when the new co-CEO announced that these projects would continue as DC Elseworlds, many assumed that the decision was already made by David Zaslav.

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The Batman And Joker to Continue Under DC Elseworlds

DC Elseworlds includes stories that are set in an alternative universe and take place outside the DC universe. While announcing their new plan, the CEOs revealed that The Batman and Joker will be the first projects that will be set in the DC Elseworlds. 

The Batman (2022) and Joker (2019)
The Batman (2022) and Joker (2019)

According to Screen Rant, the co-CEOs will clarify which project is in the main DCU, and which would be treated as Elseworlds projects. They also shared that they will be focusing on one primary continuity and The Batman and Joker will be treated as “Elseworlds properties” along with the projects that would not fall under the new DCU.

The Batman and Joker sequel has got the green light from the studio. The sequel to the 2019 film is set to release on 4 October 2024. James Gunn also shared that Reeves will be working on ‘Batman Crime Saga,’ which would also include a spin-off featuring Colin Farrell’s character in the 2022 film, Penguin.

The Batman Part II is set to release on October 3, 2025.

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Source: James Gunn via Twitter

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