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James Gunn Reportedly So Confident of DCU Chapter One He’s Claiming “It’s more planned out than the MCU”

James Gunn Reportedly So Confident of DCU Chapter One He's Claiming "It's more planned out than the MCU"

The Marvel v DC battle is always up for a Round 2 but after months of talk surrounding how it’s not a competition between the two juggernauts, James Gunn has himself stepped into the ring for a bout. As the franchise gets increasingly more well-defined by the day, the projects that now constitute Chapter One of the DC cinematic universe have become somewhat of a dysfunctional family banding together to manifest a bigger vision on the screen.

And James Gunn, ever the proud father of his creation, has commented how his vision for the DC of tomorrow is more planned out than the MCU of yesteryears.

James Gunn
James Gunn

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Fans React to James Gunn’s Claims About the DCU Plans

When the existing mantle of DC was taken down and a new one rose from the ashes like a true phoenix, the fans had a lot to say on the matter. But mostly, the online rage was wrapped in disappointment over the previous management and a lack of information about what comes next. Rarely had anyone considered how James Gunn, the “Kevin Feige” of DCU, would take his moniker a little too seriously and plan out the DCU in phases, or chapters in this case.

This “Chapter”, commissioned by David Zaslav and structured in the image of the already-established Marvel Cinematic Universe, was penned by James Gunn – a certified comic book intellectual with a quirky imagination of his own – in under 3 months. As such, DCU taking an example from the pioneer of its own field, i.e. Marvel’s comic book movie franchise, doesn’t need much comparison when it comes to plans.

Where the latter began with a completely clean slate and had a vision that stretched beyond a decade into the future, the DCU has only structured itself and navigated Marvel’s example. The leveling of a comparison, saying DC is better planned out than the MCU has thus become a cause for contention and criticism among people.

While some have outright dissed the creator for flinging such a careless comparison, others have pointed out that Gunn might have meant that his DCU, in its origin, is more planned out than the MCU of 2008. Even then, the comparison is not a very strong one and it doesn’t hold up when it is put to the test.

Is James Gunn’s DCU More Planned Out Than the MCU?

DC turns a new leaf with Superman: Legacy
DC turns a new leaf with Superman: Legacy

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For starters, the DCU Chapter 1, titled Gods and Monsters, showcases a variety of characters scattered all over the place that do not navigate a chronological arc (re: a 25-year-old Superman who’s just starting out in the world and a Batman who’s already on his way to the fourth Robin). Moreover, while the MCU began with a world-building narrative then culminated in the formation of the Avengers, the DCU currently looks more like a culmination of a fever dream that is too good to pass up on and yet a bit all over the place.

On the other hand, there is an order to Gunn’s madness. His DCU slate is wrapped up in a division of films that serve to explore the franchise’s most important characters – Superman: LegacySupergirl: Woman of TomorrowThe Brave and the BoldSwamp Thing, and The Authority. And on the side, Gunn serves up an equally delectable platter of HBO Max shows – Creature CommandosWallerBooster GoldParadise Lost, and Lanterns – that will tie in with the broader universe somewhere down the line.

DC moving forward with the Green Lantern HBO Max series
DC moving forward with the Green Lantern HBO Max series

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James Gunn has also promised his audience that the franchise will be more creatively inspired than ever. With each project individually separate from the rest, the external producers’ interference will not be an issue with the current management. Writers and directors will have complete freedom to paint their vision on the big screens.

Gunn’s first project, Superman: Legacy, premieres on July 11, 2025.

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