All of Wolverine’s Secret Fighting Styles, Ranked

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Wolverine is not just a pretty face. He is one of the most complete and adept close quarter combatants in the history of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. His legendary fighting prowess comprises of several hidden techniques and martial arts abilities he has mastered over a century.


Krav Maga

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Krav Maga was developed by the Israeli Special Forces. It is used mainly by deep undercover operatives of the Mossad. The technique is brutally efficient and utilizes a combination of takedowns, choke holds, and throws to take down both armed and unarmed opponents. Krav Maga is effective against opponents with greater strength and larger stature. Wolverine is infamous for his short height. Krav Maga combined with his ferocity has proven to be rather lethal for someone to pick a bone with Logan.


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The French Martial Art technique of Savate was developed in the streets of Paris and Marseilles. Originally a self defense martial art, it has gained tremendous influence and popularity over the years in the 21st Century. Savate is a graceful technique. In a nutshell, it is French Kickboxing. But unlike Muay Thai, elbow and knee blows are not allowed in this art. Black Widow mentioned Wolverine used a textbook Savate kick stance in 2009’s The Wolverine Files. It is hard to imagine Wolverine pulling off that kick considering his skeleton is made up of the world’s densest alloy.


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Wolverine has fought many members of The Hand before, an organization made up of stealthy assassins called Ninjas. To have the ability and skills to sneak up on highly trained ninjas is not something to be taken lightly. Wolverine is self-taught in the art of Bujinkan, popularly known as Ninjutsu. He has spent most of his childhood in the first, where he claims he has shown enough stealth to sneak up on a deer just so he could touch them. Wolverine also taught Pyslocke the art of Ninjutsu.

KyuSho Jitsu

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KyuSho Jitsu is based on the principles of Pressure Points. The human body has multiple pressure points that could be struck to cause debilitating pain, paralysis, or even death. One strike to a specific nerve center or artery is all it takes. In an issue of Wolverine: Origins, Captain America pinned Wolverine to the ground and crushed his wrist tendons to stop his claws from popping out. To counter that, Wolverine delivered a sharp knee strike to Captain America’s inner thigh. The injury severed a major artery in Cap’s leg and led him to suffer a massive hematoma.


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Aikido is all about using an opponent’s movement and momentum to make the enemy submit. The Japanese Martial art literally translates to “The Way of the Harmonious Spirit”. Aikido requires the user to remain in a state of total calm. It uses joint locks and throws to defeat a foe. Black Widow in 2009’s The Wolverine Files, mentions Wolverine knows Aikido. In 1998’s Wolverine #164, Logan used Creel’s movements to turn him around and trap him in a paralyzing wrist lock, ending the fight in mere seconds. Aikido requires grace and absolute peace of mind. A ferocious creature like Wolverine mastering the martial art form demands respect and admiration.


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