“Am I even good enough to be here?”: Zendaya Doubted Her Place in Dune Part 2’s Set

Zendaya did not think she deserved to be working in 'Dune 2' despite being a fan favorite.

“Am I even good enough to be here?”: Zendaya Doubted Her Place in Dune Part 2’s Set


  • Zendaya is undoubtedly one of biggest stars in the whole wide world today with an incredible fan following.
  • Yet the Marvel star experienced imposter syndrome while on the sets of 'Dune 2' among all her co-stars.
  • Even though she stated it was a special experience, she felt nervous and doubted herself and her capabilities.
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Zendaya’s career has been a whirlwind of rapid success, fame, and part-Disney part-Marvel magic. From becoming a household name with her Disney series Shake It Up to becoming a global star thanks to her role in projects like Euphoria, the young actress has made quite some records already in the film industry.

Zendaya (via @zendaya | Instagram)
Zendaya (via @zendaya | Instagram)

Already having won several awards and accolades, the actress is among the most famous celebs in the world. Yet, the actress revealed in a recent interview how she doubted herself and her talent while being on the sets of her popular based on the book of the same name movie series, Dune.

Zendaya Doubted Herself While Working In Dune 2

Zendaya in Dune
Zendaya in Dune 2

Zendaya can sing, act, dance, and model! A truly magnanimous and versatile star, she has been several times named as one of the most in-demand actors in the whole wide world as well as the USA (see Business Insider). Named among the 100 most influential people of 2022 by TIME, she has won several awards including two Emmy awards and a Golden Globe.


Having starred in projects like Euphoria and Marvel’s Spider-Man movies, the actress will next be seen in Dune 2. Starring in the titular role of Chani, the actress’s presence has been instrumental in the reach of the movie seeing how fans were severely disappointed when she was only present for 7 whole minutes in the first film (see NY Post).

Yet despite all of her achievements and career triumphs, the actress doubted herself while on the set of Dune 2. In the Puppy interview with BuzzFeed, Zendaya was asked what it was like shooting for the movie and the actress replied,

“It’s such a special experience, I think, being able to shoot in the places that we got to shoot and be with the incredible actors that we got to be with. So every day, I just felt so lucky. I’m just very nervous I think, too. Because all these heavy hitters, and you want to be good. No matter what, you always kind of have imposter syndrome a little bit. You always feel like you’re just… like am I even good enough to be here? So trying to also just enjoy it, too.”

While fans certainly cannot believe how the actress can even doubt herself, her speaking about it made her even the more relatable (if that is even possible!), proving how grounded and genuine the actress is despite her huge achievements.


Zendaya Would Love To Go Back To Music

Zendaya in a still from her music video for Replay
Zendaya in a still from her music video for Replay

Being a Disney star, musical talent is a given and Zendaya sure has plenty. From singing for her hit series Euphoria to her Disney series Shake It Up and to singing the hit Rewrite the Stars, the actress is also a pretty accomplished singer.

So while talking to BuzzFeed during the puppy interview, the actress revealed her plans to get back to music.

“I love music. I think it’s something that I just do for myself, meaning it’s very personal. I haven’t done it in a long time. I only really do it for Euphoria, or have done it recently for Euphoria. So I mean, I would love to get back and be creative again and see what music comes out of me because I love music and I love that outlet.”

While she seems to be pretty busy promoting Dune 2 and doing other stuff, fans hope to see her get back to the studio and finally release a single or an album!


Dune 2 will be in theatres on March 1, 2024, while the IMAX release is slated for February 25th.


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