‘Trying to Rival Oppenheimer’: Thor 4 Star Christian Bale Joins Chris Rock in Star Studded Upcoming Movie Amsterdam


Set in the ’30s, the ambitious movie, Amsterdam directed by David O. Russell melds fiction and fact to bring about one of the most anticipated movies of 2022. The Oscar-nominated director David Owen Russell is known for directing Joy, American Hustle, and Silver Linings Playbook.

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David O. Russell
David O. Russell and Christian Bale from American Hustle

The film follows the journey of three friends who turn from witnesses to suspects as one of the most scandalous plots in American History is uncovered. The movie is scheduled to release on November 4 this year.

Oppenheimer A still from the movie Amsterdam
A still from the movie Amsterdam

The heavily anticipated movie which has been kept mostly hidden from the public includes big names such as Thor: Love and Thunder star Christian Bale is cast alongside Chris Rock, Margot Robbie, and Robert De Niro.

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Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan is known for making ambitious films, best-known ones including Interstellar, Tenet, and Inception. With fans of Christopher Nolan in high anticipation, his next movie Oppenheimer is set to release in 2023.

Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer

Another aspect of the film that has received much hype is the insane star power of the cast. The film includes megastars such as Peaky Blinders‘ Cillian Murphy, the Martian Matt Damon, and Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr. Other famous stars include Emily Blunt and Gary Oldman.


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But the talent doesn’t end here, the bucket keeps overflowing as it includes Kenneth Branagh who was in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and Stranger Things‘ Matthew Modine.

Christopher Nolan
Memento director Christopher Nolan

Has a rivalry been born?

It’s common for films or studios to develop rivalries, take the example of DC v. Marvel or Star Wars. v. Star Trek. But the rivalry between Amsterdam and Oppenheimer is interestingly unique, as it is a battle of stars.

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In the case of Amsterdam, while Christian Bale and Chris Rock are hot after their recent spike in popularity for different reasons, the popular cast just gets bigger, as it also includes Zoe Saldana, Taylor Swift, and John David Washington.

Chris Rock
The infamous slap from the Oscars

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Similar to Oppenheimer, the cast of Amsterdam is also brimming with talent with the cast of Anya Taylor-Joy, Timothy Olyphant, Rami Malek, Michael Shannon, and Mike Myers. Another common theme in both films is the historic setting.

Despite of the similarities, both the filmmakers have a very different directorial style, so the comparison is not completely justified. In the end, this unique rivalry can make or break a film, as the famous saying goes “too many cooks spoil the broth.


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