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‘An actor that nobody wants to work with anymore’: Netflix Leak Branding Henry Cavill a ‘Misogynist Toxic Gamer’ Reportedly Made the Superman Actor Kryptonite to Big Studios

'An actor that nobody wants to work with anymore': Netflix Leak Branding Henry Cavill a 'Misogynist Toxic Gamer' Reportedly Made the Superman Actor Kryptonite to Big Studios

Henry Cavill has been surrounded by controversies for a long time now, and this array of controversies began with his startling announcement. The actor took to Twitter graciously announcing his exodus from The Witcher, confirming that season three will be his last appearance as The Witcher aka Geralt of Rivia. This resulted in a magnanimous uproar amongst fans who loved Henry Cavill as Geralt. They, of course, blamed Netflix for Cavill’s exit. Many took swings at the showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, warning her about the failure of the show as a result of Cavill’s exit.

Henry Cavill sabotaged the production of The Witcher 

Henry Cavill The witcher
Henry Cavill in The Witcher

Following Cavill’s exit speculation began on what could cause his exit, especially when the show’s existence depends heavily on the actor. Everyone knows Henry Cavill loves gaming and Witcher is one of his favorite games. It was the game that inspired him to join a show about it.  “I was very very passionate about the games. I thought, ‘I hope they make this into a TV show or movie.’” he said once at the San Diego ComicCon. However recent news has surfaced throwing light on Cavill’s toxic behavior, which suggests that Cavill did not bow out from the gestalt but was pushed out.

A leak according to the Deuxmoi podcast suggests that the Superman actor was making it impossible for women writers and showrunner to do their work. He would overrun the decision taken by them and make last-minute changes to the storylines and script.

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LEAK! Why Henry Cavill really left The Witcher according to Deuxmoi podcast from popculturechat

The trouble started after season one. Cavill would talk rudely to the showrunner and women writers, and would allegedly overwrite the things they decided, creating chaos in the production and raising complaints from all department heads. His apparent toxic macho behavior created more problems because the showrunner herself is a woman.

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Henry Cavill formed a weird alliance with a male writer

the witcher Lauren Schmidt Hissrich
Lauren Schmidt Hissrich showrunner of The Witcher

As the shooting progressed, he began making unruly demands like no shirtless scene or romantic scenes. He also demanded complete control of storylines, despite having no idea about budget, production constraints, and TV limitations. The source also informed the podcaster that Cavill allied with a male writer who was also interested in gaming. However, the writer was fired after numerous complaints to the HR. The source also referred to Cavill’s gaming addiction which inflated the toxic behavior towards women.

Henry Cavill in The Witcher
Henry Cavill in The Witcher

The firing of the writer pulled the final trigger and unleashed a more stubborn Cavill, who began to sabotage the production. He made it impossible to start shooting. The actor would cause problems on set to uphold production. Netflix began losing money and the suits at the streaming service lost their patience. The top brass requested the showrunner to construct an exit for the actor and now he is being replaced with Liam Hemsworth.

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This podcast leak could turn Cavill’s successful career over its head. Fans love and support him but no big production will touch him with a ten-foot pole if these accusations turn out to be mildly true. After his exit from Netflix, he was also dropped by James Gunn from the DC universe, where he was all set to star in the new Superman film. But after Gunn took over the leadership with Safran, Cavill was kicked out of the franchise.

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