“An exceptional performer… like watching De Niro in Raging Bull”: Mayor of Kingstown Creator’s Comment about Jeremy Renner Will Get You Hyped up for Season 3

Another potential peak performance from Jeremy Renner is incoming.

"An exceptional performer... like watching De Niro in Raging Bull": Mayor of Kingstown Creator's Comment about Jeremy Renner Will Get You Hyped up for Season 3


  • The upcoming Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 will mark Jeremy Renner's first major return to acting since the snowplow accident.
  • Previously speaking about Renner's, co-creator Hugh Dillon compared his performance as Mike McLusky to Robert De Niro's Raging Bull.
  • Fans can hope to see Renner excel once again in the upcoming season.
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Throughout the 2010s, Jeremy Renner’s career was mostly dictated by his stint in the MCU as Hawkeye, overshadowing some of his most acclaimed performances outside the cinematic giant. Fortunately, thanks to Taylor Sheridan’s Mayor of Kingstown, which marked the actor’s small screen debut, the Mission: Impossible star was once again able to put his acting chops to the display.


While fans and critics stand on opposite poles regarding the verdict on the overall show’s quality, one thing everyone can agree on is Renner’s brilliance as Mike McLusky. Co-creator Hugh Dillon even went as far as to compare Renner’s performance with one of Robert De Niro’s most iconic roles to date, which is another reason to get excited for season 3.

Jeremy Renner’s Performance Reminded Hugh Dillon of Robert De Niro in Raging Bull

Ragging Bull
Raging Bull (1980) | United Artists

Shortly after Jeremy Renner suffered a life-threatening blow last year, Hugh Dillon joined Screen Rant to recount the actor’s immense commitment to the craft while wishing him a speedy recovery. Speaking of his performance as Mike McLusky, Dillon revealed that watching Renner perform reminded him of Robert De Niro‘s Jake LaMotta, which earned the actor an Oscar for Best Actor.


Dillon said:

“He’s an exceptional performer, and his performance this year is like watching [Robert] De Niro in Raging Bull. You’re watching that transformation by the end of the season. And [in terms of] what he does as a producer? He’s just an exceptional human being, and he’s unstoppable in every regard.”

One can’t receive a greater compliment than that, and it’s reasonable to see why the creator had such high praise for Renner, as Mike McLusky stands as one of his best roles to date.

Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown.
Jeremy Renner | Mayor of Kingstown (via Paramount Plus)

With Season 3 heading our way soon, it’s safe to say Renner will bring the same commitment back. Further keeping in mind this is the actor’s first big role since recovering from the snow plow accident, Renner would aim to hit it out of the park with his big return to showbiz.


Jeremy Renner Was a Little Tentative Joining the Mayor of Kingstown Season 3

Speaking to People, Jeremy Renner said he was excited to return to playing Mike McLusky again. However, the actor was a bit “tentative of confidence”, as filming in the freezing climate of Pittsburgh, with the show requiring 14 to 18-hour work shifts, things can get “arduous” said Renner.

Jeremy Renner, Hugh Dillion and Tobi Bamtefa
Mayor of Kingstown (via Paramount Plus)

He said:

“I think I’m excited when I’m there and I get in a rhythm there. I’m excited about the character and, of course, all the people involved and all that in the storyline, but for me, I’m just tentative of confidence in work,” 

With about a month away from its premiere, fans will hope Renner to put his De Niro chops to the display once more.


Mayor of Kingstown will premiere on Paramount Plus on 2 June 2024.


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