“I gave him images that he can never unsee”: Jeremy Renner’s Nephew May Never Recover from the Trauma of His Snowplow Accident

Jeremy Renner's nephew witnessed a horrifying snowplow accident involving the Avengers star.

“I gave him images that he can never unsee”: Jeremy Renner’s Nephew May Never Recover from the Trauma of His Snowplow Accident


  • Jeremy Renner met with an unfortunate snowplow accident on New Year's Day in 2023.
  • He was trying to help his nephew out of the snow when his snow plow ran him over.
  • He expressed concern for the latter who had to witness such a moment.
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Jeremy Renner has faced a challenging time in 2023 after getting involved in a horrifying snow plow accident on New Year’s Day. While risking his own life like a true Avenger to save his nephew, he sustained serious injuries including 30 broken bones. Since then, the actor has provided frequent updates about his condition and rehabilitation via social media. 

Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton in Hawkeye
Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton in Hawkeye

It’s been over a year since the accident with Renner reflecting on his difficult time. During a public appearance earlier this year, he also talked about his nephew, who witnessed something that he can’t unsee now. 

Jeremy Renner’s Nephew Witnessed His Snowplow Accident

Jeremy Renner has turned out to be a real-life superhero, who didn’t think about himself to prioritize his nephew Alex Fries’ life. He was driving a Sno-Cat, a large snow removal equipment that weighs over 14,000 pounds.


While attempting to help his nephew out of the snow near his home in Lake Tahoe, his snow plow ran him over. That incident led him to a critical condition before he eventually made a miraculous recovery. 

Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown
Jeremy Renner | Mayor of Kingstown

While speaking about the incident in a CNN interview, he talked about what helped him to stay “pretty stubborn” to recover swiftly. He explained, 

“There was a lot for me to fight for, and recovery was just a one-way road in my mind. My recovery became relief for me, because I knew I could give relief to my family, my daughter and all those that I really affected.”

He further talked about his nephew who was with him during the horrifying incident. 


“And my poor nephew, who was there with me on that day, I gave him images that he can never unsee, but I know that my healing would be healing for him.”

He has a lot to fight for, which played a key role in pushing him to the road of recovery despite the critical condition he was in initially. 

“I’d never thought about my own physical ailments, my own pain, or my own anguish. I had so many things to fight for, so the one-way road of recovery was my mental, sort of, attitude, and that attitude was always to get better. There’s no option other than that. And I still work at every part, every day, and thank God that I have a lot to fight for.”

According to a Nevada sheriff’s office incident via CNN, the actor was trying to stop his snow-cat from sliding and hitting his grown nephew when was run over by it. His adult nephew helped his uncle before the help team arrived, and the Hawkeye actor was airlifted to the hospital.

Jeremy Renner’s Nephew Wrote a Heartfelt Letter for His Uncle

Jeremy Renner as James Coughlin in The Town
Jeremy Renner as James Coughlin in The Town

Renner, who is notorious for keeping his personal life exclusively away from the spotlight, had given numerous health updates following the incident. He also uploaded a handwritten letter, written by his young nephew during his recovery phase. 


The letter read via PEOPLE

“I am very lucky because my uncle is Hawkeye (which is one of the Avengers). I am also very lucky that my uncle is alive from his accident.”

The hardships he had to suffer following the incident had only made him more strong-willed as the actor admitted he wouldn’t hesitate to think about his family first before his own well-being.


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