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“The winners always understand each other”: $250 Million Worth Internet Sensation Andrew Tate Responds After Dwayne Johnson Gives Him a Shout Out

If you’ve been on the internet as of late, the name Andrew Tate must ring some bells. Former American-British kickboxer Andrew Tate who claims to be a trillionaire has been gaining a lot of traction in the online realm; most of which has been due to an array of controversies. The social media figure who has built a world of fame for himself through his misogyny, rampant sexism, toxic masculinity, and immense love for hustle culture is quite the conversationalist. Amongst the many things he has talked about in the recent past, Dwayne Johnson is his latest topic of interest.

Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock.
Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock.

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Turns out, the former professional wrestler and famous Hollywood actor who is all set to appear in Black Adam had recently quoted the former Big Brother participant and that led Tate into claiming that only the winners tend to “understand each other.” The TikTok sensation believes that The Rock wholeheartedly agrees with his sentiments.

What The Rock Said

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been quite talked about as of late. From his intricate involvement in DCEU projects to voicing his support for Cavill’s Superman return and wanting a Black Adam vs Superman showdown, the internet cannot get enough of him. This time around, he may have ended up stepping into murky waters. In a video posted online, Johnson could be seen quoting a line that he heard somewhere recently – a line that was said by Andrew Tate. Before verbalizing it, the Jumanji actor explained that he was going to paraphrase it.

Fandomwire Video
dwayne johnson
Dwayne Johnson

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This is what he had to say:

“I heard this quote the other day that I want to share with you guys. Now I’m paraphrasing here but it goes like this. The person who goes to the gym regardless of how they feel will always beat the person who goes to the gym when they feel like going to the gym.”

Whether the actor was aware or not of who the quote was from, Andrew Tate is convinced that The Rock resonates with his belief. In itself, the line isn’t scandalous, but its association with Tate makes it a complex affair. The former kickboxer had a response to this where he elaborated on why he thinks only successful people can understand each other and not “losers.”


Andrew Tate’s Response To The Rock

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate, the self-proclaimed trillionaire

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The controversial media figure had a lot to say about The Rock on his podcast. Apparently, Tate has realized an intrinsic fact about life and how the “winners always understand each other.” He mentioned that whenever he has something to state, people are quick to call him out as the worst thing to have happened to the internet. Andrew Tate also said that when you look at the profiles of the people who make objections to whatever he has to say, nobody wants to live the life they do or be the way they are.

The Rock and Andrew Tate
The Rock and Andrew Tate

He, then, emphasized how The Rock resonates with whatever he said because he’s successful and only winners understand each other in that way. Following is what was said:


“Winners always understand each other. I say something, The Rock hears it and goes ‘Yes, I agree with you’… Losers hear me and start calling me names. So, the winners have always understood each other throughout history. It’s hard to say Dwayne Johnson’s not one of the most famous successful winners on the planet.” 

Tate went on to say that the actor understands the importance of the gym and how working hard and “doing things that we don’t wanna do” is the only way one can be successful. Unlike the other instances where the internet sensation only had outrageous remarks to make about other actors or celebrities, this time around he was full of praises only to The Rock who echoed his fitness mantra.

It is to be seen which celebrity is Tate’s next target on the list of people he talks about, either favorably or unfavorably. Meanwhile, Black Adam, which stars Dwayne Johnson in the titular role, will see its theatre release on 21 October 2022.

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