“Anything can kill you in Australia”: Sydney Sweeney Went Through Excruciating Pain After a Freak Incident While Shooting Anyone But You

Sweeney spills on real-life spider bite, creepy-crawly encounter during Anyone But You shoot that added unexpected twist.

"Anything can kill you in Australia": Sydney Sweeney Went Through Excruciating Pain After a Freak Incident While Shooting Anyone But You


  • In the Anyone But You trailer, Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell come across a large spider.
  • Sweeney recently revealed that the spider in question actually bit her on set.
  • The incident occurred during the scene where Sweeney and Powell's characters pretend to be a couple at a wedding in Australia.
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Anyone But You is an upcoming rom-com film set to be released in January 2024. A month ago, Columbia Pictures unveiled the trailer of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell. The two actors will star as Bea and Ben, respectively.

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Anyone But You
Anyone But You

In the Anyone But You trailer, Sweeney and Powell come across a large spider, which gives them the jitters. But here’s a twist. The actress recently revealed that the spider actually bitt her on the set.


Sweeney appeared on Live with Kelly and Mark to promote her rom-com. That’s when the Euphoria star shared a mild injury she sustained when a spider bit her.

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Sydney Sweeney Revealed a Spooky Incident on the Set of Anyone But You

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You

Yes right. It’s the same huntsman’s spider that featured in the teaser that bit Sydney Sweeney for real when cohost Kelly Ripa asked the actress whether the spider was real. The 26-year-old said, “That was a real spider. It bit me. It was a huntsman.” She continued on Live with Kelly and Mark:

“While we were filming that scene, it bit me. It hurt so bad, I had horrible, horrible marks on my hand. I had to take meds and everything. Because anything can kill you in Australia.”

The recent trailers of the film show Sweeney (as Bea) and co-star Powell (as Ben), who pretend to be a couple at a wedding in Australia. It features a scene in which they get physically affectionate with each other during a hike for the show.


The comedic twist comes when Bea pulls a large spider from Ben’s pants and throws it on the ground as Ben sheds all his clothing to ensure no other spiders remain under his pants.

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Glen Powell Rescued Sydney Sweeney From the Giant Spider

Anyone but you
Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell

Not only on Live with Kelly and Mark but Sweeney also shared her spider-bit incident when she visited the Today show with her co-star. When the show aired actual footage from the moment the spider bit her, the Marvel star said:

“The spider actually bit me in the middle of the scene, but nobody called cut because they thought I was just making a very dramatic, interesting choice in this scene.”

She continued, “Glen was the only one who finally caught on — they thought I was acting, but it actually bit me.” Over which Powell added, “There’s a different tone to her voice when somebody is actually being bit by a spider. We just thought it was really dramatic improv.”


Anyway, thanks to Glen Powell, he soon realized that Sweeney was not in acting mode, but that the spider had actually bit her. There’s no doubt Sweeney and Powell have a great chemistry between them. Recently, Powell was seen swooning over his co-star. Speaking to ET , “Sydney is the easiest person to have chemistry with.”

Anyone But You will hit theatres on 22nd December 2023.


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