Are Superhero Movies Better When They Are R-Rated?

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Yes! The rest of the article gives you several why’s. But first, a background. Superhero films, once a niche market for nerds, have gone mainstream. So much so, that each year, many of the top-grossing films are comic book adaptations. The whole scene is getting bigger and bigger each year. More films, mini-series, spinoffs, merchandise, and so on.


Amongst all these, there is the category of R-rated superhero films. Think Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Deadpool, etc. These films have mature content and are racier. People seem to enjoy them, just look at their earnings! Why is that? Why are superhero films better when they are R-rated? We list the reasons below! Check them out and let us know what you feel in the comments section.

1. Graphic Content – Unlocked!

Why R rated superhero films are better
Deadpool (an R rated superhero film)

Let’s face it, graphic content sells. It has a very exciting shock value. All this is well known. Consider, Logan, it was the most successful film in the X-Men series. This was due to two factors, both being a byproduct of the R Rating. 1. Complicated Character and 2. Gore and graphic content. This is what attracted swaths of audiences to the theaters. This added realism to films makes them a much more immersive and enjoyable experience.


2  Social Issues Addressed Directly

Why R rated superhero films are better

Since such films are targeted at more mature audiences, social issues often take the forefront with these films. A good example would be Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, where many social issues were discussed. This added element gives such films more depth. Moreover, this also allows such films to reach a wider audience. All of this adds to the value of such films and further aids their integration into the mainstream culture. Adding layers to films elevates them and is a win-win for both the audiences and the makers of such films.

3. Dark Humor and Vulgarity

Why R rated superhero films are better

Dark humor is a fan favorite. It is also one of the highlights of the Deadpool movies. The tense, conflict-prone, gory premise of such films is a prime environment for dark humor. Now dark humor is leagues better than ordinary humor. The R rating allows such films to be free and creative with their scripts. What comes out of this is fun and wit, which other films just can’t match! Finally, strong language aids in both, realism and dark humor.

4. Realistic Character Portrayals

Why R rated superhero films are better
Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

R-Rated superhero films have this unique liberty to craft their superheroes in a more realistic light. Unlike many other films, where superheroes are portrayed as unidirectional good guys who have no flaws or shades of grey, R-Rated films are not afraid to give nuance to their characters. This makes these characters less fairy-like and more realistic. Superheroes in such films are far more relatable to the audience. What’s more, is that these heroes have complex characters that are much more interesting to watch. Having realistic personalities is a major plus for R- Rated superhero films, something that sets them apart.


5. Hands Down, Much More Fun

Why R rated superhero films are better
Batman and Superman

Finally, these films are much more fun than their other counterparts. The amalgamation of dark humor, vulgarity, complex characters, and nuanced themes makes such films very enjoyable. It further facilitates The mainstreaming of such films. These films then have something for everyone. This adds to the size of audiences, making these films an even bigger success. These films also become quite re-watchable. Often, the full essence of these films is not appreciated in the first watch. People who are not into comic books and superheros are drawn to such films and the world of such films expands. What do you think of R-rated superhero films? Let us know in the comments section.

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