“Arise, b**ch”: Aleks Le Delivers on His Promise to Desecrate the Greatest Solo Leveling Scene That Could Actually Break the Internet Unlike Luffy’s Gear 5

Solo Leveling voice actor fulfills his promise of dishonoring Sung Jinwoo's legacy.

Solo Leveling, Luffy’s Gear 5


  • The English voice actor of Sung Jinwoo, Aleks Le previously talked about how he was being threatened by fans for a specific scene from Solo Leveling anime.
  • Fans warned him to portray the final moment of the first season appropriately, but Le responded differently.
  • He posted a TikTok in which he reverse-threatened supporters, threatening to defile the scene if they did not stop hating on him.
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The release of the first season of Solo Leveling anime in January became a high point for the anime industry as the series brilliantly portrayed the adventures and struggles of Sung Jinwoo as an E-Rank Hunter. While A-1 Pictures did a great job adapting the manga, a lot of the credit goes to the voice actors of the characters from the series, especially Aleks Le.

Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling
Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling | A-1 Pictures

Aleks Le voiced Sung Jinwoo in the English dub version of the Solo Leveling anime. While the voice actor did justice to the role of the protagonist of the series, he still had to bear a lot of threats and ultimatums from the hardcore fans of the series. Before the release of the final episode, Le revealed that fans threatened him regarding the ‘Arise’ scene.

Fans warned him to portray the last scene of the first season correctly, but Le had a different response to these threats. He shared a TikTok where he reverse-threatened fans by saying that he would desecrate the scene if the fans didn’t stop hating on him. And a recent video by the voice actor proves that Le has delivered on his promise.


Aleks Le Received Online Threats During the First Season of Solo Leveling

When Solo Leveling fans were waiting for the final episode of Solo Leveling season one, which featured the greatest scene from the series, voice actor Aleks Le made the startling revelation that he was being threatened by fans. He shared a TikTok video where he explained that fans are sending him thousands of messages regarding one of the scenes in the final episode.

In the scene, Sung Jinwoo defeats Igris and finally gets the Shadow Extraction skill from the system that allows him to extract the shadows of the opponents that Jinwoo has defeated. However, to extract a shadow, Sung Jinwoo has to say the word ‘Arise.’ This makes him look cool and savage as the protagonist and it broke the internet when the episode was released.

Solo Leveling 'Arise' Scene
Solo Leveling ‘Arise’ Scene | A-1 Pictures

Instead of being nervous or stressed about the threats, Le responded to them in a unique way. In the same video, he comedically states that if fans don’t stop with the threats, he will dishonor the legacy of Sung Jinwoo and the scene and say some absurd variations of the word Arise, like ‘Wakey Wakey’ or ‘Wake up.’


Sung Jinwoo’s Voice Actor Fulfills His Promise

While the threats may have potentially stopped, the Sung Jinwoo voice actor has still managed to comedically defile the ‘Arise’ scene from the Solo Leveling anime. Le shared a reel on Instagram where he enacted the moment when they recorded the Arise scene, and he had to give multiple takes because of its importance.

sung jin woo in s rank dungeon
Sung Jinwoo | A-1 Pictures

The reel was actually a sponsored post for Crunchyroll’s anime merchandise for Solo Leveling. Le gave different variations of the term Arise and even added the ones that he used to playfully threaten the Solo Leveling fanbase.


The video was a funny take on Le’s recording of the most important aspect of the final episode of Solo Leveling.

The voice actor has become quite popular since the release of Solo Leveling, and although he had to face some struggles while working as Sung Jinwoo, he managed to portray it perfectly, and fans now await his performance in the second season of Solo Leveling.

You can watch Solo Leveling on Crunchyroll.


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