Arizona Sunshine 2 Announces Gameplay Showcase

Shooting, zombies, and dogs will be present in the VR sequence.

Arizona Sunshine 2 Announces Gameplay Showcase


  • When and how will the Arizona Sunshine 2 event work?
  • What does the sequel bring to the franchise?
  • How was the first game received by critics?
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Steam revealed in its events section that Arizona Sunshine 2, a sequel produced by Vertigo Games to the VR survival shooter, will have more extensive and detailed parts of its gameplay shown to the public today. The Arizona Sunshine 2 Gameplay Showcase on November 17th will show more of the highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling VR action FPS for many years, which will be released on December 7th on next-gen platforms.


Fans will be able to discover more about the campaign, co-op ads and gameplay, surprise guest appearances, and more, all with commentary from the developers.

Today Will Be The Day We Can See More About Arizona Sunshine 2’s Gameplay

Arizona Sunshine 2
The team is complete with the German Shepherd Buddy.

More precisely, the event takes place today, November 17, 2023, at 5 p.m. CET or 8 a.m. PT via the developer’s YouTube and Steam channels. Until then, what we know about Arizona Sunshine 2 can be seen in the first trailer released in October, which showed familiar gameplay, more blood, and a new companion. Fans of the already popular Arizona Sunshine have reason to hope for the arrival of the long-awaited sequel.


In Arizona Sunshine 2, players will be able to return to the VR apocalypse, this time on the last generation with even more zombie blood flying. And the best part is that you won’t venture alone through this devastated world, but always alongside your new best friend, Buddy the dog. Therefore, you have more reasons to go out shooting, but also to worry about surviving and protecting your partner.

Released in 2016, that is, 7 years ago, Arizona Sunshine left fans who played and liked it waiting for Fred’s return with his violent and frantic attacks. As Buddy trots along happily attacking and killing zombies alongside him, you mustn’t stop shooting, stabbing, or even blasting the mobs of the undead. And in addition to bringing in a new companion, Vertigo Games increased the violence in the game.

Arizona Sunshine 2
Players will not be spared from seeing zombie guts.

Fans of the franchise have said that the bloody way in which zombies are killed is one of the big reasons for the game’s popularity, and the developers must have heard that. So, for Arizona Sunshine 2, you can expect a lot more blood, creative ways to kill zombies (including the already renowned grenade in the mouth), and high levels of emotion, be it euphoria from adrenaline or worry, now with the aggravating factor of Buddy’s presence.


Possible spoilers for the game contained in the trailer: We say this not just out of paranoia but because of evidence from the video where the dog is seriously injured and is seen bloodied and beaten on a hospital table. We hope that it is indeed audience bait and that the good boy will be fine, but we will only have the answer when we play. For now, before the launch, we will only have more updates today during the event broadcast online.

So, players will be able to blow the brains out of the brain eaters on Arizona Sunshine 2 seven years after the release of the zombie survival first-person shooter video game released on December 6, 2016, for virtual reality headsets like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Valve Index, and PlayStation VR.

The first game received positive reviews on the PC version and mixed reviews on the PlayStation 4, while on Metacritic, the game has scores of 81/100 (with 5 reviews) and 63/100 (with 31 reviews), respectively.


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