As Amber Heard Readies Guns for Depp-Heard Trial 2.0, Defiant Johnny Depp Gives a Fabulous Performance in Front of Camille Vasquez

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The Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp trial was a hot topic for every user on the internet for a solid month at least. The subsequent victory of Depp in the trial resulted in the meltdown of Heard (which was turned into a meme) and the comeback of a dearly missed Hollywood veteran.

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It’s been three months since the jury ruled in Depp’s favor, concluding that Heard’s op-ed claims about Depp regarding sexual violence and domestic abuse were fake and subsequently ordered her to pay $5 million in punitive damages. Depp only seems to be enjoying ever since the ruling, and his recent performance tells us a lot.

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Depp at court

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Johnny Depp Performs For His Lawyers

Johnny Depp‘s life after settling the legal case with Amber Heard has been filled with some relationship rumors. According to Page Six, the 59-year-old actor is currently in a relationship with Joelle Rich, an attorney who helped him with the libel trial against the British newspaper The Sun.


Not too long ago either, Depp was also linked to a possible relationship between him and another attorney named Camille Vasquez, who represented Depp in the defamation trial against Heard.

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L to R: Vasquez and Chew

Other than that, Depp has been honing his skills as a musician. The Edward Scissorhands star is a guitar player too, and he’s now on a nationwide tour in the US with former The Yardbirds guitarist Jeff Beck, with whom he released a collaborative studio album this July.


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Depp doesn’t seem to be fazed by Heard anymore. He was seen enjoying his performance during his first U.S concert after the trial, and best of all, he was performing in front of a crowd that also had his attorneys Camille Vasquez and Ben Chew sitting in VIP seats at The Anthem in Washington D.C.


Depp will be touring in a few more cities in the US, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and so on.

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Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Dismisses Amber Heard’s #MeToo Claim

Camille Vasquez has been the center of attention from lots of Johnny Depp fans ever since her legal knowledge and tactics earned her a strong courtroom presence during the Heard v Depp trial. She was even rumored to have been dating her client, which she abruptly shut down and said that the relationship rumors were sexist.

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Vasquez and Depp at court

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It is still safe to say that Depp’s lawyer is pretty defensive of him given her recent comments about Amber Heard’s case and whether or not it’s part of the #MeToo movement. The 38-year-old attorney recently spoke to CBS’s The Talk, in which she says that Heard’s case is not part of the #MeToo movement at all-

“No because I know Johnny as a person. I’ve worked with him for four years. I believed him. You know, to me, this case was not a Me Too case”

She further explains-


“This was about what happened between these two people, and in a lot of ways, if you want to look at it as a Me Too case, it was an opportunity for Amber Heard to tell her story, have an investigation happen in a court of law, and a jury came back and said ‘no we don’t believe you'”

“But I never hesitated because I believed Johnny, I was an advocated for him and I wanted the opportunity to give him his life back. He deserved that.”

This is quite the statement to make all just to put down Heard even after the trial has ended. But Vasquez has been working with Depp for four long years, and it’s only reasonable for her to grow such a level of trust in him and his words.

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