Attack on Titan Character May Have Been the Victim of the Ackerman’s Strength that Became a Brutal Curse for Her

The Ackerman Clans ability resulted in the death of Levi's mother Kuchel Ackerman.

Attack on Titan Character May Have Been the Victim of the Ackerman's Strength that Became a Brutal Curse for Her


  • The Ackerman Clan is one of the most powerful clans in Attack on Titan's universe, having repeatedly demonstrated their might.
  • The fact that the Founding Titan and his orders had no impact on the Ackerman was one of the main causes of their strength.
  • But for Kuchel Ackerman, a member of the Ackerman clan who passes away from illness, these advantages might have turned into a terrible curse.
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In the world of Attack on Titan, The Ackerman Clan is one of the strongest clans in the series who have shown their strength time and time again. They have been a valuable asset to Paradis Island with members like Levi Ackerman who was deemed “Humanity’s strongest soldier” and Mikasa Ackerman who was able to defeat Eren as his supreme friend.

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They were the unintentional outcome of Ymir Subjects and Titan science experiments conducted by the Eldian Empire and they had previously served as the king of Eldia’s guardian line of warriors, but when they refused to adopt Karl Fritz’s philosophy, they faced persecution that almost resulted in their extinction.

The Ackerman Family

One of the biggest reasons why the Ackerman were so strong was because they did not have any effect from the Founding Titan and his command. However, these strengths may have become a brutal curse for one of the Ackerman clan members, Kuchel Ackerman who dies due to a disease.

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Who was Kuchel Ackerman in Attack on Titan?

Mother of Levi Ackerman, Kuchel Ackerman was also Kenny Ackerman’s younger sister. She was a prostitute in the Underground City. Kuchel had light-colored eyes, a slender build, and a face that was similar to Levi’s. In the end, one of her clients became pregnant with her. When her older brother Kenny Ackerman eventually located her, he made an unsuccessful attempt to persuade her not to keep the child.

But she passed away from an unidentified illness a few years after Levi was born. She had the utmost love for Levi, but ultimately, a fatal illness prevented her from being able to defend him. Her disease was never revealed and how she got it. It was just shown that she contracted a disease that eventually resulted in her demise.

Kuchel Ackerman
Kuchel Ackerman

However, being a member of the Ackerman clan, she should have been immune to such disease or at least could fight it off. A fan theory that surfaced on the internet may have answered the question of why she was not able to fight against the disease and the reason for this might be one of the abilities of the Ackerman clan.

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Ackerman’s Strength Resulted in Kuchel’s Death

The Ackerman clan is strong enough to deal with any kind of worst conditions. So the biggest question is how Kuchel Ackerman died from a disease. A fan theory by happybird16 on Tumblr has answered this question and it makes the perfect sense.

It is well known that thousands of Eldians within the walls of Paradis Island perished from a plague that entered the island and that the king at the time had to use his power to manipulate his subjects into being immune to the disease. The Ackerman clan is renowned for having a special resistance to the king’s abilities. They cannot be transformed into Titans or have their memories erased.

Kuchel Ackerman
Kuchel Ackerman

Therefore it may be possible that because of the resistance to the king’s abilities, Kuchel could not develop immunity against the disease thus resulting in her death from the same disease that caused the plague. This theory makes the most sense and this would prove that her strongest abilities resulted in her death.

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