Attack on Titan Fans in Absolute Shambles After One Hidden Easter Egg Predicted Eren’s True Fate Years Before Final Episode

Attack on Titan's Manga Ending Left a Huge Easter Egg That Decided Eren's Fate Early On.

attack on titan fans in absolute shambles after one hidden easter egg predicted eren’s true fate years before final episode


  • Eren's story was ultimately finished in the Attack of Titan Season 4 finale episode The Final Chapters (Part 2).
  • While the anime series concluded recently, the manga ended in 2021, with one easter egg predicting Eren's true fate years before the last episode.
  • The manga concludes after 139 chapters. In Japan, the number 140 represents freedom, implying that Eren was never granted the freedom he desired.
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The Attack of Titan Season 4 finale episode named The Final Chapters (Part 2) has finally concluded Eren’s adventure. The episode begins shortly after Armin, Mikasa, and the other survivors arrive safely in Eren. Attack on Titan’s anime has finally concluded after ten years and two distinct anime studios. For better or worse, the series conclusion was virtually the same as the manga’s prolonged ending, with a few minor differences. Eren Yeager, who began as the story’s hero, meets his end in a spectacular and sad twist.

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eren jaeger
Eren Jaeger

While the anime series ended recently, the manga ended in 2021 and the manga ending has one easter egg that predicted Eren’s true fate years before the final episode. This theory by the fans made a lot of sense and directly correlated with the end of Eren’s journey.


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Fan Theory Predicted Eren’s Fate in Attack on Titan Anime

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga ended in 2021, putting the emotional roller coaster to a conclusion. In Chapter 139, the story came to a gratifying and emotional climax. At the end of the manga, the significance of the chapter number was emphasized. The number 139 denotes a new beginning. In other words, the “death” of another and the “rebirth” of oneself. On the other side, 140 refers to the “expression of freedom” or “freedom” itself, therefore because the series never made it to Chapter 140, Eren never gained the freedom he desired.

Eren Yeager as Attack Titan
Eren Jeager as Attack Titan

This was a significant easter egg that some fans discovered shortly after the release of the last chapter, and whether it was real or not, it greatly symbolized the concept of freedom. Eren was unable to establish his freedom from the start. This is the nature, the curse of the Attack Titan, the one who forces its owner to be a weapon of destiny for the rest of time.

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Attack on Titan Manga Ending

At the end of Attack on Titan, Mikasa entered the Founding Titan’s jaws, decapitated Eren, and kissed him farewell for the first and last time. In the final chapter, Mikasa handed Eren’s head to Armin, confirming his death as both lamented his loss. She then fled the battlefield with Eren’s head, knowing that Eren would not be given a decent burial after the havoc he wrought with the Rumbling. The closing pages showed that three years had passed since the apocalypse, and Eren’s burial was beneath the tree on Paradis where he had often rested as a youngster.

Mikasa visiting Eren's Grave
Mikasa visiting Eren’s Grave

Eren’s end in the manga explains the fact that he could not ever fulfill his dream of attaining true freedom for himself and his people even after his death which greatly aligned with chapter number 139 and the significance of the number according to Japanese Culture.


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