Back To The Future Fans React To DeLorean’s New Electric Beast ‘Alpha 5’

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To revive the DeLorean name, the DeLorean motor company has come up with a brand new automobile, the Alpha 5, which is an Electric Vehicle (EV). However, the company made sure to retain the classic look of their cars popularly seen in the film, Back To The Future (1985).

DeLorean new car Alpha 5 fan reaction
The Alpha 5

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The classic film was about a teenager that time-traveled to 1955 via a DeLorean time-traveling car. The car was made by his friend. There he messed up and prevented his future parents from eating. This threatened his existence, so he had to fix things to ensure his own survival. The brand seeks to cash in on the nostalgia and has brought the electric vehicle while keeping some iconic elements intact. We discuss the details of this new car and the fan reaction to it in this article.


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The Alpha 5: An Insane Automobile!

DeLoreans new car Alpha 5 fan reaction
The Alpha 5, Electric Vehicle (EV)

The “base” performance model of the Alpha 5, would have a 100kWh battery that offers an estimated 300 miles of range and a top speed of 155mph. As aforementioned, it keeps some design elements from the past which include gull-winged doors and a sloped design. However, it goes for a new look in other areas. DeLorean would reveal the Alpha 5 in Pebble Beach on August 21st. The car looks amazing and has impressive specifications.

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Back To The Future Fans React To DeLorean’s New Electric Beast ‘Alpha 5’

A still from the movie, Back To The Future (1985)

Fans of the film, Back To the Future, took to Twitter to share their feelings and opinion on this new offering by the DeLorean company. Take a look at a few such Tweets below.



What do you think of this new car? Can it give Tesla a run for its money? Have you seen Back To The Future? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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